Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back in the Day

I'm sure I have often reminisced with you about "the thrift store of yore." There was vintage EVERYWHERE. I had a coat collection to make you drool. And vintage hats and bags? A whole trunk full. Most of the coats are gone, either lovingly worn to bits or given away and there are still a few hats and bags at my mother's house but many of those are in sad shape due to a few devastating floods. The thrift is not like that any more. You're lucky to find a vintage hanky. But oh those days were glorious! On my last trip home my Mom gave me this:

It's one of the bags I bought back in the day that she kept for me. It's not wicker but more of a sturdy plastic and it's large! I probably only spent $2 or $3 on it as it was cheaper at that time and I had more limited funds. Isn't that handle divine? So what was inside?

Vintage gloves! My Mom actually forgot they were in there. In her guest room she has a display of a small vintage suitcase filled with vintage hang bags and gloves and some of these certainly would have made the cut. The pair on the top right, which are hard to see, are a delicate chocolate brown mesh in opera length. And I just love the pointed cuffs on the white pair on the top left. And if you look closely at the pairs in the bottom front . . .

You'll see the tags still on them. I probably paid $1 to 2 dollars per pair if that. I'm lucky and have small hands and can actually wear all of these gloves. Now we just need to bring that fashion back. Come on, if leg warmers can do it so can formal gloves, right?


So I joined another swap. I know, I know, you're probably taking bets on how long it will be before I start posting about how I'm so overwhelmed and can't get anything done. Well forget it because I already feel like that and decided to do it anyway. It's the Sweet & Sinister swap hosted by Artsymama. I got in just under the wire and got a partner. You can check her out here. I'm looking forward to crafting some wonderfully sinister black and white sweets for her. :)

And there is still time to sign up for the Polkadot Pixie's Vintage Children's Book & Bookmark Swap. I actually found a few vintage kid's books this weekend, I hope they are pre-1975 because right now I can't remember. They are wicked cute regardless.


Well, chickadees, I'm off for a movie night with my friend Lizzy. We're hanging out on my sofa so we'll have our pick of whatever movies I have laying about. I bought some fancy popcorn for snacks. Mmmmmmm

until the next . . .


LeeAnn said...

Swaps = Fun Mail. You can never get enough!

Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

Swaps sound great cant wait to see some pics, and I am with you o the gloves, nothing looks as dressed as a lady in a smart dress and jacket with a lovely hat and bag and shoes and gloves

LA said...

I was looking for that swap. It sounded interesting. I can't wait to hear about it.

The gloves are amazing. It is so cool you can wear them. Maybe you need to have a tea party and make everyone wear gloves and hats and fancy bags.

LA xo

Little ol' Me said...

What a great bag! I collect older handbags myself and have a similar one in my collection, only it's wicker/beige in color.

Your blog is fantastic and I'll be back for sure!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am crazy for that purse! ...and choklit' opera length gloves? Outrageously divine!

Anonymous said...

Love the purse!!I'm new to blogging and enjoy yours. I'll be back!

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous handbag!! You are so right about the thrift shop of yesterday...I remember tagging along with my mom when I was little, and the stuff she would find - unbelievable! My mom always had a good eye for great vintage stuff, and of course now I am addicted to it as well. Wish we could go back in time to those stores of yesterday, huh? LOL


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