Thursday, October 26, 2006

Swap Goodies!

WOO HOO! Sarah is a GREAT swap partner!

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This is the most that I could fit in one picture! :) I love that she threw on those crepe paper flowers from Jack's party. She said she thought I could make one a pumpkin and one a ghost for Halloween. I already hung them in my craft room. :)

There are several Workbasket magazines (Oh and Sarah, I'm so going to crochet one of those circa - 1974 pinafores LOL) and an old Martha October issue! And do you see that SUPER CUTE Halloween post card???

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There's lacy trim, fabric:

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a Japanese pattern for a stuffed kitty and a fusable web purse kit with handles. :)

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Here are my favorites form the fabric stash:

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Oh and MY FAVORITE thing she sent:

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An acorn appliqued flour sack towel she made! I love it! There's a fabulous gros grain ribbon pleat on the bottom that is just adorable.

There was so much stuff I know I'm missing things. Sarah, thank you so so much for all the lovely things. :)

I'll be back later with the promised tea party hat and thrifted goodies.



Sarah and Jack said...

You are very welcome! I think the bags pictured on the front of those patterns is just horrible with those colors, but, the shape is good. I picked up a bunch of them thrifting, of course! I think the little rice paper linen things are vintage coasters for canape trays. (Or so say the wise ebay ladies!)

Anonymous said...

Not a relavent question, but since crafty people read and post here I thought I would ask. Does anyone have any crocheted dog patterns or know a good place to search. My poor puppy is freezing:)


Anonymous said...

Whooo hooo is right! This definitely was a fun swap. Heidi spoiled me, too! I just go home from being out of town for a day and a half so I am going to relax tonite and post my stuff tomorrow evening after work. Thanks Rebecca for organizing the swap and triple thank you to Heidi!

:) lucy

jungle dream pagoda said...

How yummy! I love those doilies!


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