Thursday, October 05, 2006

Crafty Fall

What is it about fall that makes us want to nest? And of course CRAFT while in the nest? Today is gloriously fall like, I wore my favorite little jean jacket blazer thing and a big fat scarf around my neck (a light weight one but a scarf none the less.) I've chatted with Nina about all the crafty things she's planning to do with her long weekend and I've of course made a long list myself.

I have big plans to make my own version of this and oh my God how cute is THIS? Oh and this which really makes me want to learn to knit with beads and this makes me want to try my hand at painting. (Lucy, thanks for the "no snow" thoughts, I'll allow it on Christmas day ;) )

So I started a hat:

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The yarn is 100% wool, name brand is Chaco, I think, I lost the ball band. The lovely orange bag in the back is my new one skein knitter's tote that Nina brought me as a thank you for letting her stay at my house last weekend! How sweet since it was so fun to have her (and Dita!). It's from "Knit It!" magazine, here's a shot:

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(pardon the glare) Those who know my knitting know I'm not much for the bright colors and I'm liking the way my brown and cream is coming. I'm ready to start the crown shaping with means DPNs and I so don't like those so we'll see how it goes.

Luis informed me that he's overhauling the office this weekend and if that happens I won't be able to get on line until he's finished. SO, I'm extending the sign up for the craft supplies swap until Sunday and I'll send out partners on Monday. Remember to send your e-mail and addresses!

cheers . . .


Sarah and Jack said...

That genealogy tree is really lovely. (And just what I don't need, another hobby!) Personally, I am completely into orange. Aside from pink it is my favorite color.

Anonymous said...

I have a pattern for a cell phone case. did I show you the one i made? Actually, I don't think i brought it to New York since i was trying to lightn my purse load for the trip. I was from the calender you gave me. I didn't like the picture, but the case turned out really cute. And of course it's bright and multi colored (like much of what i make). I did make another with some wool yarn you gave me (from the scarf you make). Turned out nice.



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