Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Thrift is Back

Saturday, Lizzy and I hit the Savers in West Hempstead. As I've said before, it's not the best thrift store but it's better than nothing. I was very happy with my haul this weekend!

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steamer basket - $1.50 - great for steaming shrimp with Old Bay!
Hello Kitty Bag - 69 cents - tag still on, will make a great surprise for L's niece
graphic printed napkin - $1 - large size, to be repurposed as a purse lining
books - $1 each - I'm a big re-reader and loved Jurasic Park! Never got to Interview with the Vampire

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tea steeper - $2
Giants mug - $1.50 - this was L's favorite find
blue & white plate - $2 - I am amassing quite the collection of these

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creamer - $3 - Royal M by Mita pattern Seville - I love this pattern and hope to be lucky enough to find more pieces. I did find it listed on Replacements.com but it's always more fun to find it through thrifting. Wish me luck that I can find the sugar bowl!

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large red pillow - $5 - 24 X 24 and in perfect shape! My favorite find of the day
Christmas pillow - $2 - love this and hope to find another with a different pattern

I also picked up two bags of craft supplies and several pieces of mis-matched china for a tea party I'm planning with my mother. Speaking of Mom, she will be sharing her debut post here today! My finds on Saturday were good but her score is legendary - two handmade quilts and a Vera Bradley tote bag! All for around $3 each.

Until then . . .

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