Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Kindness of "Strangers"

On my last post (and yes I know it was FOREVER ago) I received a comment from JerseyTjej, a lovely lady living in Sweden, about my load of ribbon. We exchanged a few e-mails and she offered to swap me for some ribbon of hers. Well I love a good penpal so of course I accepted! Now, normally, I am a GREAT swapper (toot toot - yes, that's my own horn) but I was going on vacation, swamped a work and s-l-o-w to the the post office. Finally yesterday I mailed her ribbon and some other things. (not to be mentioned as obviously, she has yet to receive the goods.)

ANYWAY, when I got back to my office there was a package from . . . SWEDEN. Yes, a HUGE package from Sweden. Containing all manner of wonderful Swedish things!

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There is a fabulous Stockholm T-Shirt, a doll that is given for graduation, a Swedish flag (ahh the land that gave us Ikea!), a godis (which I'm pretty sure is candy which makes me very very happy and you all are lucky it wasn't eaten before I had a chance to take the picture), the ribbon and this gorgeous handmade card:

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I am very jealous of her skills! (this would not be the time to peruse my other site and see my crappy attempts at card making.)

Anyway, thank you dear Sun Flower (this is what I'm calling you and you know why ;) ) you are too too kind. And be prepared, my package is LAME in comparison. But, now that I know a bit more about you, expect something you can truly (hopefully) enjoy. Who knew you liked scrapbooking? (I would have if I would have realized that you had a blog - yes, what a humiliating oversite on my part!) Well I like it too . . . .




Gina said...

Oh, you're too kind! I could not even remember what was in the package. Sorry the godis contribution was so little,but the kids find my stash no matter where I hide it! Maybe I should try the laundry room. NObody would think to go in there!;-/

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I am truly ashamed at my pile o' goodies that I have to take to the post office. I am horrible! I don't understand why I have such an aversion to the P.O. Is this normal? I love sending packages to people, but the P.O. is my stumbling block, my krpytonite! Rather than face my postal demons, I let fun gifts stack up for a year. A YEAR I say! Are there post office interventions???? -Nina


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