Thursday, June 09, 2011

You know I made something else . . .

I haven't been feeling very crafty lately. I'm still plugging away at a project for a friend and it's almost done but that is about all the creative energy I can muster lately. I haven't been blogging or writing Examiner articles, I've just been . . . well . . . being. My new position at work has kept me busy and I'm enjoying the challenge. We are also trying to do some work around the house but the weather and life have gotten in the way of that lately so no newes there either. So what shall we talk about?

How about another cute baby picture in another hand made by Auntie sweater? This one is crocheted and made some time ago so I can't remember what yarn I used. It's a new born size but as you can see, Gabriel is very long so it looks short on him. But he's a fabulous model and he makes it work. I have started another sweater in a size large enough to be worn in the fall but so far I've got about 6 rows done. Again, not much to report there.

I'm hoping to maybe sneak in a trip to the thrift store this weekend but the beach is calling my name as well so we'll have to see.


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