Thursday, December 23, 2010

Decking the Halls

So how about a spin around the living room?

The tree. I love love love ornaments so it's full, I know. But like I said, I love it.

A few ornaments . . .

A vintage inspired beauty I made this year at the craft party. These are my favorite kinds to make. I have a whole box of dresdens, foil leaves, pretty tinsel and rhinestones in anticipation of making more.

Another handmade ornament from the party this year. I bleached the bottle brush tree, hot glued it into a small glass ball and made a hanger around the top with wire. It is decorated with beads cut from plastic bead garland and Martha Stewart mica flake glitter. Oh and more tinsel trim, of course.

My favorite recent vintage ornament find, a very intricate felt donkey. Isn't he the best? I just adore him.

And a sweet little girl made by Shara last year. This is the first year she's been on my tree since I was at my Mom's over the holiday last year.

And my house is never complete without a festive bar. I love vintage Culver glass wear and mix it with more modern red Lenox glasses. I wish I could have cocktail parties a la the 1950s. :)

And a rather sad display of the glittered churches (there is a silver one off to the left) I found for a song at Target after Christmas last year. They are lovely all lit up but need a better display place next year, I think. More bleached bottle brush trees glued into glittered wooden spools, too.

We are off to Baltimore tomorrow. Have a safe and VERY MERRY Christmas! I'm looking forward to some major Goodness over here in 2011. :)

xoxoxo ~ Rebecca


Jennifer W. said...

What lovely halls they are. Merry Christmas, friend!

Jane said...

Lovely tree. I think I am going to look for a tree in the after Christmas sales. Merry Christmas! Yes! Bring on the Goodness in 2011!!!


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