Monday, September 27, 2010

Stop looking amnd start doing . . .

I really wanted to go to the flea market this weekend. But when Sunday rolled around I just wanted to stay home. I'd been out most of the day on Saturday and really want to spend some time on the sofa. Then I thought I'd just head to the thrift but I couldn't seem to motivate myself to do that either. So I fretted about for awhile, thinking about what I was missing. Wondering if there were some fabulous craft supplies out there with my name on them. Then it hit me. I have PLENTY of supplies right here from countless trips. Why not just use what I have?

When I cleaned my sun porch this weekend (which was sadly over due) I found two cloches I picked up at the thrift YEARS ago. They aren't really cloches, I believe they are meant to hold candles in some sort of holder thing. Hard to explain but I thought they were cute and planned to use them to cover a few seedlings back when I was trying to cultivate a green thumb. Looking at them on Saturday I was struck with a different idea.

I have purchased several ornaments that are small glass cloches or jars that have little scenes inside and thought I could turn my little containers into something just as cute.

This project turned out even better then I thought it would! I only used things I had (which isn't much of a feat considering my hoarding tendencies) and am very happy with the results.

I had a huge pack of bottle brush trees picked up at an after Christmas sale for pennies and a big jar of Martha Stewart mica type glitter.


I used some beads I cut from picks that I thrifted earlier this year plus some other little odds and ends in my scrapbook supply bin. I piled up glue around the bottom of the trees to make it look like snow drifts and poured on the glitter. Then I glued down the cloche and added a sparky pipe cleaner hanger and tag with the year on it.

I love them! And now I want to make more Christmas things even though I have all of my fall and Halloween stuff out on the desk to work on. :) I'm very easily distracted.

Stop by the my page at The Examiner for my latest articles. If you click HERE you can read about, a free online tool that has a searchable data base of ALL Cricut cartridges. A fabulous tool when you are looking for a certain shape and aren't sure which cartridge you saw it on. You can click HERE and see a great holiday DIY gift idea on making a stylish cuff from an old belt. It's clever and quick and will give you a great head start on your holiday gift crafting. Thank you so much for your support! Don't forget to send me your projects and ideas.

I'll also be having a give away this week. When going through my supplies this weekend I found a lot of Halloween items that I'd like to share. Come back soon!


Thimbleanna said...

VERY cute Rebecca!

Elise said...

Those are so cute, Rebecca!! I love your little fox, too!!
Oh, I would LOVE red felt hearts!! I just need to measure what size-I think about the size of a dime...

Unknown said...

They're darling! Clever of you!

My Daily Creation said...

Great inspiration! I am going to attempt something like this with my kids. Very cute!


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