Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dolly Anna

As you know, I DON'T SEW. Okay, that's a joke now as I do TRY to sew. Sometimes. One thing I was able to make for the holidays were some dolls from the Tone Finnanger book "Sew Sunny Homestyle." This is a lovely book and I find her patterns easy to read and understand even for a novice like myself.

Meet Dolly Anna:

Made for my Mom for her birthday, I think she turned out cute! I added the little wreath to the original pattern:

All the materials I used were fabrics and items I already had on hand. That is my favorite way to make something! I mostly only buy fabric from the thrift store or out of the remnant bin and I look for creams, browns, pinks and whites for doll making plus small scale patterns and unusual fabrics (like the golden tulle used here for a skirt). I made this same doll for the Sparkling Winter White Swap but OOPS! Forgot to take a photo. :) I made her in more white fabrics plus added a crystal style crown to stick to the Sparkling theme. :)


I haven't said anything here yet about the disaster in Haiti. What a sad sad event in such an impoverished country. It breaks my heart to see all the orphaned children and I wish I could take them all in. It is nice to see so many rushing aid to the country. One such aid mission is that of the U.S.N.S Comfort, a huge floating Naval hospital that harbors here in Baltimore. The Comfort is currently a day or so outside of Haiti and I know it will be a huge help when it arrives. In hind site I think I would have enjoyed being a Navy Nurse. :)


Jane said...

She's a doll! ;) (Couldn't resist being punny.) I probably would have enjoyed being a Navy Nurse too. If I could envision myself ever giving shots that is. Ouch!

Thimbleanna said...

VERY Cute Rebecca! You do TOO sew -- and very well -- dolls are fiddly!

Diane said...

Super cute! Looks like you sew just fine to me.

True, Haiti is so heartbreaking :(


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