Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heart to Heart . . . and Spade to Spade . . .

One of the best things about being a managing part of Sweet Goodness Swaps is that sometimes I get to pick my partner. For the last swap I knew I would be running late and might not make the send out date so I wanted a partner who would be okay with that. I invited Vallen to join the swap as my partner. The theme was The Winning Hand and had to include elements from all 4 card suits. Yes, Vallen's last name is Queen and YES I really wanted to run with that theme. Like I said, it's good to be the organizer!

As I knew, Vallen did not disappoint! Look at this mass of goodness!

Whew! The box must have weighed ten pounds! Of course I love everything, Vallen really has a way with things. I thought I'd show some favorites:

Beautiful jewelry including a bracelet, earrings and a Queen of Hearts pendant that I am drooling over!

A lovely decoupaged eye glass case. Vallen is a mind reader because I needed one of these!

Some vintage crochet books. Did I mention that I love old patterns?

A set of four card holders, each player uses one to hold their hand. Cute!

I am enamoured with this tiny little clothes pin. I love it!

Beautiful crocheted heart doilies.

A sweet velvet heart shaped box filled with vintage cookie cutters. Could it get more perfect??

These linen napkins are high on my list of favorites. Vallen knows me well. :P

I'll be posting more photos in the Flickr Group today and will post photos of what I made for Vallen soon. If you've never joined one of our swaps before be sure to sign up for the next one. You can register to receive an email when we announce the next swap on the blog site. We really get some talented ladies in our swaps!

Have a lovely day!


Queenly Things said...

It's great to pick out things for a friend. It's almost like picking them out for yourself. Enjoy!!! Thanks for being my partner.

ThriftyMum said...


Just to let you know the craft challenge is completed and the photo on on my blog! And happy birthday :)

Caroline - March 22nd

Jodi Ohl said...

Wow--what a winning swap :) Lots of goodies in your pack--Vallen did a great job!

Wendy said...

Looks like it was a fun swap - and to have Vallen for a partner!
Have a theme for your next swap yet?

Diane said...

What wonderful goodies! The clothespin is just so darling. I'm desperately trying to think of what I could use clothespins for now!!


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