Monday, November 10, 2008

On the Way to Holly Jolly

First . . . the winner of the yarn holder is . . . Jenn! Woo hoo! Jenn, send me your address. I've been using my yarn holder quite a bit, I think you'll enjoy it. :)

Now on with the Holly Jolly . . . Christmas has come to the Thrift Store.

All of a sudden K Mart cast offs have been showing up in the thrift I frequent most often which means Martha Stewart Everyday items. I was quick to snatch up this fun silver wreath and . . .

. . . this super cute flocked Santa tree topper and sweet pine cone beaded garland. A few weeks ago I also picked up 3 feathered cardinal ornaments as well.

Now while I like much of Martha's holiday line you know my heart skips a beat for vintage!

To say that I was excited to find this box of Shiny Brite ornaments is an understatement! These are rare in the thrift, particularly still in the box. My favorite Shiny Brite balls are the ones with words on them and there are quite a few in there!

I'll be heading to my Mom's for a long weekend of thrifting and crafting. I'm hoping to happen upon some more fun holiday decorations. When I return I'll be listing quite a few vintage Christmas items in The Shop so stay tuned!

fondly ~ Rebecca


Danielle said...

Love the Shiny Brite Balls!

Have a great trip!

Jane said...

She thrifts! She scores!

Very nice!! I have restricted my thrifting until this apartment is *clean* and the laundry is done. Hopefully this weekend...maybe!

Sarah and Jack said...

Martha at the thrift? Now *that* is exciting. (And there was a LOT of cute Kmart stuff in the xmas line last year.)

And actually, I have that santa tree topper! LOL

Jennilee said...

I won? Me? Really?! Yeah!

Love your thrifted finds!

Jennilee said...

Rebecca-I'm not seeing an email address. Would you please email me at


Jodi Ohl said...

Lots of fun items found as usual!! Have fun on your long weekend--hope you find oodles of goodies!

Jen said...

I. Love. Your. Blog. Oh my goodness! Thrift store shopping is my very favorite thing to do. Actually I found your blog while researching an article I'm writing for about thrifty hostess gifts. But I found a box of vintage ornaments at a thrift store this summer and you can bet I snapped them up! I will be back and I have linked you on my blogroll.

Hooray for thrift stores!!


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