Monday, July 23, 2007

Hmm . . . Opinions Needed

I started crocheting a baby blanket. I have a few gifts to make for expectant friends and since there are so many cute knit and crochet patterns out there I thought I'd whip up something on the old needles.

Using the Heirloom Lace Throw pattern from Lion Brand I have this:

Hmm . . . well? What do you think? Should I continue on with the blue? It will be four rows of each color alternating and probably with a pink border or should I stick to pink? Or should I scrap it considering it's maybe not as cute as I thought it would be . . . it is incredibly soft though. Thoughts?

And speaking of babies, I told Luis that we shouldn't call our smallest dog, Kaiser, puppy anymore because he's 2 now. It was kind of a joke since I'm assuming Kaiser won't get a complex and honestly I think he thinks is name puppy anyway. Then we are watching TV last night and look over and see this:

Um yeah, still looks and acts like a puppy so I guess the name is staying. :) That's him camped out on my husband's belly by the way, his favorite place. I told L. it's because it's warm and makes gurgly noises. ;)


Today is the day to get those Orange and Yellow swap packages in the mail! If you think you'll be late please let us know at and your partner! If you haven't been over to check out the Flickr site take a peek here. There are so amazing packages going out!



maggiegracecreates said...

I am liking all pink - and I do think it's turning out cute. I found you through SEEKATIESEW and I will be back to visit.

Sarah said...

Do you know the sex of the baby? It influences my decision. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kaiser is a sweetie pie, I just love her coloring and cute face. My "Miss Poo" loves laying on my hubby too.
Let me tell you how to make the accordian flowers, this is how a lady named Kristen told me how to do them. They are easy but time consuming.

I just cut two strips of paper 12
inches long (you can make up to 3 inches wide, I like the 2 inch and 3 inches best). Then I score the paper, making accordian folds,
every 1/2 inch. When both strips are done, I glue the ends
together. Glue them so it's one long strip, then glue the
ends of that one strip together. Then I just
kind of work the circle into a flower shape.
Hold it with one hand and use the other to glue the center
(I use a hot glue gun). Hold it til the glue dries and
then cover with a button. It's fun and they make great
embellishments for packages and home decor. Have fun if
you make some!

linda t said...

Tooo cute! I call my 'dogs' puppies cuz I just think puppy sounds cuter than dog. I call them by their names... but together I call them 'my puppys', no matter how old they are!
Your puppy is the cutest!

Jenn Maruska said...

Um... we still call our cats "the kittens".

They are more than 10 years old now.....

: }

Roxanne said...

I think the blanket is gorgeous!! But I think it should just be all pink or all blue. Just my opinion though!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blanket!

Email me!!!! I need to get your address again.

LA said...

I love teh design. I think all one color except for the border. That should be another color.

Darla said...

I'm voting for all one color. As someone said, if you know if it is a boy or a girl then the one color is easier.

I really like the pattern tho. I also think the teapot with cozy in your shop is darling.


Anonymous said...

hmm, I love that stitch, although I'm not sure about it for a baby blanket. I actually think that it might look nice in white.

Jodi Ohl said...

I think the blanket is gorgeous! If the baby is going to be a girl, stick with mostly pink. Either way it will be loved!

The packages pictured so far are wonderful!!! Great swap :)


Mama Said Sew said...

I think I'm with the rest of the crowd on the blanket color. I'd go with just one color and maybe a second color border. My DS has a baby blanket that's a very similar pattern in yellow. He'll be 5 next week and still drags Yellow Blankie around with him!

Kaiser's still got those adorable puppy eyes, so it's okay to call him puppy. :)

Breanna said...

Your blanket is gorgeous! I just can't wrap my mind around crocheting- it looks so hard to me. I love that pattern.

My son is 2 1/2, and we still refer to him as "the baby"... I'm worried he'll be stuck with that until he's married!

Jane said...

I think I like solid pink. And, we called our cat Kitten until she was nearly 20 years old! Truly she behaved that way for a good 15 of those years too. I think it keeps them young!

Natasha said...

I think I like mostly pink with the blue on the border!

We called our twins "the babies" until they were three or four then they became "the brothers" coined by their older brother. Now at age seven we call them "the boys", this only applies to the twins not their older brother and somehow this is just understood by everyone!Haha

Anonymous said...

I think solid pink or blue. Or, how about shades of pink? Or, pink with varigated pinks? I love the pattern--very pretty.

Peta said...

I like the pink and blue, I had one like that when I was a baby:) Love the pattern too.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Oh my goddness,this is fabulous!!!!!!!!! Wow, your talented!

Alex M said...

Your little one is still a pup! We called our girly "Puppy" up until the day she died... I say "A dog is a pup as long as he/she is loved."

We still refer to her as "Puppy" when we talk about her!


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