Thursday, May 10, 2007

Getting my ducks in a row . . .

You know all my whinging about never getting anything done lately? Well it's in part because I was working on mass producing crocheted ducks and cupcakes for a whole sale order:

Basically I was paid for my crocheting time and the supplies and it was an interesting challenge to see how I would do at having to create multiples. I learned I could crochet one side of a duck and start the second side during my subway ride to work in the morning. I also learned that making cupcakes is way more interesting than ducks and that I stink at tying bows. All in all a good experience but would I do it again? I'm not sure. I certainly perfected these two patterns and I suppose I could be prompted to do so again for a craft show or a charity event. However, I'm glad it's finished so I can get down to business on the next thing on my mile long to do list.

I started a crocheted bath set like the one I made for Peta in the Pink and Brown swap. You can see it here on Peta's blog. It will be for my boss' birthday which is next Wednesday. I should be able to finish in time. It's tough coming up with something home made for her twice a year but she really likes it so I do what I must. I also haven't done and inch on my afghan or even touched the dollhouse. Though I did buy paint for it. I guess that is a start. Once the bath set is complete, I've done 10 inches on the afghan and at least painted part of the dollhouse I think I'm getting the knitting needles out. It's been awhile and as I can't seem to sew any stuffies I'll have to resort to knitting them.

Aside from crafting I am hoping to do more baking.

*note - that is not actually me doing the sifting, it's Katie from An Odd Duck. You see while I personally want to do more baking I also will recruit unknowing others into the mix. (pun pun pun)

As I'm on a diet (I know, I know AGAIN) I am hoping to find desserts that fit into my daily point allowance so I don't have deny myself that little something sweet once in awhile. The photo you about to see does not contain one of these diet recipes, this one is full on calories:

That, in all it's messy glory, would be Martha's Stout Bread from the Holiday Gifts special issue of MS Living last year. (I searched her website but no luck in finding the recipe. If you're really interested in bread made with dark beer get in touch, I'll give you the scoop.) I'm a little late at trying these but as I happened to have all of the ingredients, including the Guinness, it was worth a try. And I HAD been saving those empty cans since like November. It was rather tasty and the only thing I would do differently next time is to split the batter between six cans instead of four as reccomended in the recipe. You do get a nice round loaf that pops right out and I enjoyed mine with pumpkin butter from Trader Joe's. Yes, I have my seasons all mixed up, I know. It totally put me in a holiday mood.

And speaking of, I am thinking of instituting a challenge come September 1st. How about some early winter holiday crafting? I'm always saying I should get going early so why not try? Maybe you'll join me on the band wagon? I did happen to recently purchase a Christmas gift for a friend from this very talented lady just last week so technically I've already started. One thing down, 80 million more to go. Or so it feels . . .

And in reality, another challenge to myself and all of you out there who have been grumbling about not feeling focused. Somewhere in blog land last year there was a whole month of "use what you have" for crafting. I say we give it a try again! Lord knows I have enough stuff to support several crafters plus all the miscellaneous cans of stuff in my pantry that are waiting to be used for meals. So let's have it, shall we? I'd love to see some creative creations both crafty and foody coming from your already possessed goods. Up to the challenge?? Well it doesn't start until Sunday because I'm going shopping with Leigh Ann on Saturday. :)




Sarah and Jack said...

I am not sure I could possibly start a use what I have on Mother's Day/my birthday, but I can start on Tuesday! LOL

Peta said...

I could do with starting early for christmas. I wanted to try those little christmas trees in vintage teacups that I saw somewhere.

Jodi Ohl said...

I'm up for the challenge maybe starting on Monday--especially on the craft frontier since I made 18 dollars on a purchase and promptly went to Michael's and purchased 70 dollars worth of "inventory supplies" ;) Ummmmm...I'm not going to get rich that way!

Congrats on getting your first wholesale order done, I think I like the cupcakes best, but they are all cute! Don't feel bad, I'm bow challenged too.

Okay so to recap, we are using what we have starting this next week and crafting early for the holidays?? Gotchya!

Good luck on your to do list, I know mine's a mile long too so I need some focus as well!



Jenn Maruska said...

Oh, seeing all of your crocheting work together like that is so pretty! Lovely colors and I think your bows look sweet!

Thanks so much for the link to my blog. I had so much fun making your set : )

Last year I started in August trying to use materials that I already had to make holiday ornaments. I used up quite a bit of felt/wool scraps. But I have shoe boxes filled with felt/wool scraps... (Do you need some?)

: ) Jenn

AMCSviatko said...

Use What You Have month(s) is still going strong and can be found here:

There's also a button available for your sidebar (I've had mine so long I can't remember where I got it from)

Anonymous said...

Hi noticed you were counting points have you tried the brownie muffin recipe that uses bran buds water and fat free brownie mix and baking powder it makes 24 muffins at 1 point each theyare delicious and filling.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca! Looks like you have all your ducks in a row!! arf arf
(do you know that saying?) Good work.

I'm hanging out to see progress on the dollshouse :) I fell like I am in a permanant "use what you have" but sure, I'll play.

Can you email me the bread recipe, please, that looks so nice. Tell me about pumpkin butter as well coz I love pumpkin and I've never heard of that.


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