Friday, April 06, 2007

Are you ready for Easter?

I made up the baskets last weekend and put the tags on this week. I cut the tags from craft foam with my Sizzix and stuck some sparkly foam bunny stickers on them. They are probably my favorite Easter craft so far. Simple, easy and oh so cute. I see in the picture that Luis' basket (bottom left corner) does not have a tag! Better hop to it I guess. The Easter bunnies work is never done I suppose. And don't you love how the kids baskets are so much bigger than the adults? ;)

What are your Easter plans? We have brunch for Luis' family and a few friends. I'm still not sure what I'm making beyond the traditional ham and some mac and cheese for the kiddos. I'd like to try something new so if you have any ideas, toss them my way! I know I'm making a peach bundt cake and displaying it in my fabulous new cake keeper.

Tomorrow I'm up bright and early to hit the thrift store and the grocery with my dear friend over at An Odd Duck. She has been crazy busy lately and hasn't blogged much but stop by and give her a hollar. She is a wonderful writer! You must read this.

This came in the mail:

Man that's a lot of yarn. I got it from Mary Maxim. I ordered it on Saturday and it was here Wednesday morning. They are super dooper fast! It's for finishing my afghan and I hope it's enough. 15 balls does seem like a lot but it looks a bit smaller now that it's out of the box. :) I think it's time to go through my yarn stash and have a yarn blow out sale right here on Thrifty Goodness. I have a serious fiber addiction.

I hope your weekend is full of fun and family and that however you chose to celebrate Easter that you are safe, happy and content.

All my best,


jungle dream pagoda said...

Have a happy holiday,its your 1st as a married couple,savor it!

Katie Jean said...

Happy Easter! I'm going to make this yummy recipe (I hope) from Bobby flay.,1977,FOOD_9936_29274,00.html

Jodi Ohl said...

Happy Easter Rebecca!! I'm gonna work on my baskets for the boys tonite, did the egg thing and made some cupcakes (egg shaped) last nite. That's about the extent of my Easter decorations! I'm doing a brunch too, one of the things I'm making is easy danishes made with cream cheese and those store bought crescent rolls and a dollop of jam in each. I can send recipe if you want (I might have added that one to your collection because it's a new favorite of mine). :)

Another thing that's easy to make for a side dish (more dinnerish though) is home made cream cheese corn. My recipes aren't exact so you have to bare with me:

1 1b package of frozen corn (cook in microwave)
add 1/2 a block of cream cheese (you can add less) chopped (add after corn is cooked)
2-3 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp butter
salt and peper to taste
milk to smooth out

add the cream cheese and other ingredients after corn is cooked, pop in microwave for another 1-2 minutes. Stir mixture till cream cheese is melted and mixed in. Add milk enough to make a smooth consistancy. This is delish!!

You can also do this in the crockpot--just add all the ingredients and stir occasionally on low for 3-4 hours.

:)the recipe lady

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk said...

Happy Easter to you and your family! We are going to keep it simple this holiday, and as it stands right now, hubby is going to make the holiday dinner - (he really wants to!!!) wheeee! May the Easter Bunny bring you lots and lots of crafty things! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! We are headed to my middle niece's for the annual egg hunt and dinner. I feel for having to hit the grocery store today. We went yesterday and it was a madhouse! We are about to begin work on our Peepstravaganza. I will be sure to take pics.

Shara said...

Hoppy Easter! Your Easter Baskets look like the ones I spent making yesterday. Don't you LOVE colored cellophane? I swear, you could wrap up a roll of toliet paper, add some curly ribbon and a tag and the recipient would think you spent a million bucks! I will be hitting hte Clearance tomorrow in search of more rolls of cellophane.

Anonymous said...

Hoppy easter to a pair of cute eggs!
the slightly cracked one.

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

One day, I'm gonna do up this whole Easter holiday thing right! I rushed to make a pretty lemon bundt cake to share for Easter on Sunday morning, but that was where it ended. One day you may just get holiday gifts from me too and not just for Christmas!

em said...

I love the baskets!

Also, I never thought about using the Sizzix to cut foam! I've recently read about using it to cut felt too. Thanks for helping me think outside the box :)

Alex M said...

Easter was so busy for us. We don't have kids, and we had three in the house (along with an extra dog) -- but it was fun, because our neice and nephew are so craft oriented -- the weekend was one project after the next.

But, now with this posting, I can segue into a question I've been dying to ask a more experienced needlewoman...

When I get a new skein of yarn, is it best to roll it into a ball and then use it, or is it OK to pull it straight from the skein? I had been rolling it into a ball, but then it takes me longer to get started -- and I am impatient. When the yarn from the skein gets tangled, it's a pain. I was just wondering what you do.

That yarn looks lovely!!!


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