Thursday, February 01, 2007


Don't be shocked but I covet many of you. I covet your talent, inspiration, creativity, you name it. I'm constantly babbling to non-blogger friends that "so and so made the cutest whats-it" and "you should see etc's amazing this-and-that!" I am truly impressed day after day by all the wonderful things you do!

Since I am still sans camera I thought I'd show you some things I've seen recently (I've been lurking a bit over the last few days) that just knocks my socks off!

Did you see Bee's amazing felt desserts??? I so want to make some.

And I'm still goggling over this incredible bridal shower! I sent the link to my mother and said that our candy bar (at the wedding) was sadly lacking and her response was "We have to work on it! I'm going to Target." When in doubt I guess . . .

And you know all that YARN I keep accumulating?? Well I'm loving something like this or this for using it all up. How come when I start something of this many colors it never looks nearly this cute?? And it's crochet which is the only thing I can seem to motivate myself to do these cold evenings.

And remember my felt needle books? Lookee! Fabric! (sewing is so amazing to me for some reason, I'm still without sewing machine. Luis PROMISES to get it this week but . . . not . . . holding . . .my . . . breath.)

I've been sad lately because I'm not incredibly motivated to create. Oh I WANT to but it doesn't seem to happen. I tend to work on some on going project (with no feeling of accomplishment) or I start something, hate it and (maybe) start over. I want to sew! I want to make softies! I want to take all that old crap in my basement and turn it into something new and wonderful! I want to decorate! Hell, I want to hang my new shower curtain. Yeesh. I'm such a hibernator in the winter. It's like once it's dark, that's all she wrote. I think also my brain is on overload between craziness at work (I am safe by the way but we are still waiting to hear about Luis' job) and the wedding I can't seem to switch on the creative button. I made one crappy Valentine last night. (That's all yours Sarah ha ha) I'm hoping after my honeymoon I'll be ready to tackle the world! So until then I guess I'll have to bore you with another OLD project:

Cutest ever baby bonnet. EVER. I've made this three times and I love it every time.

I've got babies on the brain these days since so many of my friends are expecting (why am I NOT making bonnets? Ack! Must start one tonight). Also, Luis and I plan to get started on our own family soon as I'll be 34 this year and I have this thing about not being an old mother. I won't get on that soap box, it's sure to reduce my readership ten-fold. :)

So after this babbly post I do hope you'll be back. Next week will be better. Promise. I'm even planning a give away! I'll be digging through my stash of thrifted goodies (from the diatribe above you KNOW I haven't made anything worth while lately) and put together a little goody bag for one my faithful friends. :)



An Odd Duck said...

I know exactly what you mean about hibernation. It takes all my energy to go half a block to the laundry mat on winter days. And projects, they are always only half started (how is the for half empty glass). Thanks for doing some of my lurking work. I want to try the ripple blanket, too. Honestly, though, I can't crochet. I know it is supposed to be easier than knitting, but i can't get it. And by the way, a wedding is a ton of work - I assume planning one of those takes all the creative energy you have.

Sarah and Jack said...

wooohooo! A valentine for lil ole me. Creativeness is a bit organic in nature over here. Sometimes I have a lot of it, sometimes I have none it, and sometimes I have the itch but no real drive to do anything with it. I think it's normal, and you are not alone.

Unknown said...

What an adorable bonnet! LOVE the sweet ribbons on the sides. Perfect for highlighting chunky baby cheeks. :)

And OH MY FREAKING GOSH that bridal shower you linked...whoa. That's all I can say, just Whoa. And then I swoon.

Know what you mean about your crafty mojo flying out the window. Hate it when that happens! I bet when the stress of the wedding is over it will return full force!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking me! I feel a bit of a poor relation though beside that stunning wedding shower! Imagine what the actual wedding will be like.

I wish I could crochet so don't you dare worry about a short term lack of creativity right now. With work and a WEDDING your brain must be buzzing. I'm still on summer holiday so my days are free.

Heidi said...

LOVE that baby bonnet? Would you share where the pattern is from?

I ditto what everyone else says: your creativity will be back about 4 days after your return from your honeymoon. You are going on a honeymoon, right?

Peta said...

I am sure you are suffering from the winter blah's, you will feel much better when Spring comes.
I am 34 this year as well, in August.
Wishing you lots of bambino's to make pretty bonnets for!
And do get on your soapbox. I think that your readership will actually increase with all the traffic from geriatric mums, coming to leave you abusive comments :)

Jodi Ohl said...

I know you are going to be excited, you won (and so did I) on Heather's shower contest!!! There that should get you out of your blahs friend! I'm sure you are just burned out between all the wedding plans and all the travel you have done lately. AND of course this dreary winter weather puts alot of us in hibernation mode. Sometimes it's good for us to just chill and relax, it re-energizes us so we can create again!


Lami said...

Oh, I'm an "older mom"...didn't plan it that way but that's how it worked out...we started trying when I was 29 and had a very rough road, won't bore you, but finally adopted when I was 37 and then again when I was 40. Not what I planned, but you know, it's all good when it's what you want...good luck and I hope you're making a bonnet for yourself soon! (after you have a wonderful wedding!)
I like your glassware, have quite a collection myself...for clothes, I think the Goodwill on the upper east side on 2nd Avenue is great...until recently my sister lived right around the corner, I know it as "Styvusant"...I grew up in Floral Park myself.

G.G. said...

I know what you mean. I love looking at everyone's blogs and only hope that I can suck up some of the creativity.

G.G. said...

p.s. The baby bonnet is so precious as are the booties. Some of the greatest gifts are those hand made with love. It always makes me a little sad when I see things like this in the thrift store. I'm planning on learning to crochet this year and also hoping to learn to sew a bit as well. All of these crafty blogs are inspiring.

Mama Said Sew said...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon with the lack of creative motivation. I've seen so many beautiful crafty things, but can't seem to get anything started. I'm sure you'll pick up after the wedding and honeymoon. And, as if you don't have enough to do, I've tagged you for the "Try Five Challenge". If you'd like to do it, visit my blog for the how to.

And keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Luis...

Anonymous said...

Hey you know what? Those baby bonnets would be SO exquisite in a little larger version for chemo patients.


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