Wednesday, September 13, 2006


WIP - acronym for Work In Progress (also known as UFO or unfinished object).

Whip - to strike with a slender lithe implement especially as a punishment.

That is how I feel about my ever growing stack of WIPs. I'm such a starter! I need to be a finisher. Remember Monday I said I may have another finished project to share? I was referring to this:

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At this point I've pinned the head to the dress but that's about it. It sits alone (and probably dusty) on my desk.

I also have this:

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It's my "subway project" meaning it A.) fits in my bag B.) can be knit on circular needles and C.) consists mostly of stockinette stitch with little thought involved. It's Lucie from the new Fall Knitty being done in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Verdigris. I have boatloads of this stuff.

There is also another sweater, an afghan, TWO cross stitch kits and stitched sachets all in different stages of "doneness." I won't bore you with the details nor mention all the other projects "on deck" like various Christmas ornaments, napkins to be embroidered and the pattern I just bought to sew an apron. Sigh . . .

I want to be like Dita. Dita finishes things. Things like this Donna Summer Solid Gold Disco bag (I named it myself thanks):

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and the super cute Pumpkin Patch pillow:

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Both of which are DONE despite the fact that Dita is running from the "Crochet Po-Po" AND planning a trip to visit yours truly. Maybe some of her dedication will wipe off on me. We have big plans to thrift, craft and sightsee with Nine as long as we can avoid the THREE B'S - bourbon, B&B and Beer. (actually I think that's 4 B's) :)

So here's to gettin' shit done. Salute' Dita!



Anonymous said...

And those are only a couple of finished items you have on hand! I have some lovely Dita Originals as well! That girl IS a finisher! I'm in awe. I am and will always be a distance runner... slow and steady - but it takes me FOREVER to get done. (Sort of like college?! Haha.)

Sarah and Jack said...

The pumpkins are darling! Finishing is never my strongest trait either, but I just do not allow myself to start anything until something else is finished. It mostly works...

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! I hadn't heard UFO before.

The problem is simply that you have so many fabulous ideas, you HAVE to let some of them out or your head would explode.

But they are very pretty projects, they are.

Unknown said...

"Crochet Po-Po" Hee hee!


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