Thursday, April 26, 2007

((HUGS)) from Mason

THANK YOU for all of your thoughts and prayers for my "wee" pup Mason. When we got home and took him outside he did some business he hadn't done in a few days (ahem) and when we called the vet he said to observe him for a few days and to give him some maple syrup for digestion. If he is still acting sick in two days we are to call them back. Mason is a nervous guy, he paces and hardly sleeps when he's upset. (Mr. Softee and the garbage men being his two biggest worries.) From the beginning the vet said that Collies were prone to nervous stomachs and stress colitis. Yeesh. So anyway, thank you for all of your kind comments, he's truly a wonderful dog. Hopefully his tummy trouble is over.

Now onto my chaotic life. I'm feeling a bit (very) disorganized these days. So I won't be posting daily for awhile. One reason is that I feel like I haven't had time to do more than breeze by my favorite blogs and I really want to get caught up on all the goings on out there. Another is that I still have those piles of STUFF in my dining room. It looks like a rummage sale and even Luis, who hardly ever complains about clutter, asked me when it was getting out away. Hmphff.

sorry about that glare . . . I didn't notice it on the tiny camera screen. :(

tray - $2 - probably not vintage but still has a nice "beaten" look to it. Plus it's French and don't we love all things French?

tea cups - 49 cents each - these are tiny, demitasse I believe is the right word, and I thought they would make super cute little pin cushions. Perhaps with a bit of velvet? I'll be off to the fabric store this weekend! (you know, when I'm done cleaning . . .)

Pyrex bowl - $1 - I'm a sucker for Pyrex but you knew that didn't you?

ladle - $2 - it's in perfect shape, don't you think?

glass mortar & pestle - $2 - I always want these, I already have 2, but I don't use them. Must be a collection then!

I won't go into detail here. All treasures from the last few weeks. They are sitting on my dessert display stand that is still out from Easter. I got the stand at a store in Cold Spring that was closing and selling everything. It was a rusted and an odd green color so I gave it a coat of paint and I've gotten tons of use out of it. I also bought a bench from that store that I am planning to repaint and recover. I hope to share that soon.

Well wish me a lot of organizing and crafting this weekend. I'll have to sandwich it in between playing tennis and baseball on our new Wii. :)

I'll be seeing you . . .


LeeAnn said...

I hope the maple syrup works and he feels better soon.

I need to pick up a ring holder next time I am out thrifting. I'll add that to my list.

Lucy said...

I wish you lots of luck in the crafting and organization'll feel better once it's all put up and or displayed the way you want it to be!

I hope the dr's remedy works for your baby...I didn't know that about collies...learn something new every day!!


LaurieStar said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and checked it out - hope you don't mind! Love all your vintage goodness! :)

Vallen said...

Does that maple syrup trick work on humans, do ya think?
You have done some mighty thrifting lately and yes, we do love all things French.

Ms. A said...

Hmmm... French things and maple syrup -- and dogs, a few of my favorite things! I do hope he starts pooing and eating normally soon -- don't forget that they fret when they know we are upset (forget the fact that we are upset because of them).

I received the blue ric-rac in the mail and wanted to say THANK YOU! Maybe it will make it's way into a Sabres inspired effort too... traditional blue and yellow colors would make good use of it.

Thanks again for sharing your good find/fortune.

Roxanne said...

Glad to hear your dog is on the mend. Hope your organizing goes well! Just keep thinking about how good it will feel when its all done!

Natasha said...

I certainly hope that your dog gets better he is beautiful-both dogs are!!

Those are some wonderful treasures you posted!! I miss miss miss a good thrift store. The one we have is so overpriced. They had a service bell the kind you use to get a store persons attention-granted it was orange- but it had a $50 price tag on it...sheesh.

Betty Jo said...

This is my kind of blog! The name drew me right in. Super finds and post about your friend. I followed your link from Risa and it has been exploring your space. xoxo

Betty Jo said...

LOL! I meant to say it has been "fun" exploring your space! I definitely need more coffee. :)

Breanna said...

I hope Mason is still doing well. I can relate to the need for organization, my husband seems much more willing to appreciate all of my fabulous finds when they aren't taking over our living space. I'm working on it though, I swear!

Also, I wanted to thank you for organizing the Spring Fling Swap, it was my very first, and so much fun! I can't wait for the next one...

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

So glad things are working out for your pup! Your thrifts are WONDERFUL (I love that tray) - and I hear that having a wii can turn into a quick obsession! heehee


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