Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And now what will I do?

Easter has come and gone. Now what shall I craft for? I am almost done with the Spring Fling Swap (hope to mail that out NO LATER than next Monday, Jenn!) We've had a few emails that some swap packages are already on their way! You still have two weeks to get them out.

So how was your Easter? My friend Stacy and I cooked our little hearts out! It really all came together well despite the fact we overcooked the ziti and decided on mashed potatos instead of a gallette.

Luis' cousins brought two cakes from Veniero's and I made the peach bundt cake. It's from an actual Bundt cake mix I got at the Williams-Sonoma outlet for $4. They are regularly $14 and even though they include the sugar and are really really tasty I doubt I would pay that much for one. I would buy it for $4 again though.

Check out those napkins:

I found the napkins and the enamel napkin rings at the Savers this past Saturday! How lucky on the day before Easter. You know I wouldn't have found a darn thing if I went there looking for them. The napkins were 95 cents each (there are 5) and the 5 rings were in a bag with a few other things for $1.99. Oh and 30% off with another coupon. :) I also found a small table cloth I used on Sunday (but forgot to photograph) and a Pyrex goldmine! I'll post about that later once I get some decent pix.

My feather tree from Sarah was a huge hit! I moved it into the living room where everyone could see it. See my little menageri?

There's my brown courderouy bunny pin cushion from Ms. A and my little crocheted pals. I've decided to keep the pink bunny for next year and will put the duck and the cupcake up in the shop today. The egg is from Joann's and I added a little glitter to spruce it up. I actually got it for a friend but figured I'd put it out for decoration before sending it. Is that wrong? ;)

The kids had a wonderful time and my niece Christina especially loved the kid friendly bar. I had champagne, raspberry champage, sparkling tangerine strawberry punch, seltzer, pom juice, orange juice, raspberries, strawberries and limes. Needless to say, they didn't get any of the champagne. ;)

Wait until you see the wonderful Pyrex set I thrifted. I'm totally tickled by it. More tomorrow!



Handi Dandi Mandi said...

What a fun Easter you had! the bundt looked great in the fancy new cake saver!

Jenn Maruska said...

Wow - you are the thrifty goodness Goddess!!! Those napkins are adorable... what a lovely Easter you had : )

Now that my craft fair is finished - I am a woman with a mission for the pink and green swap!

: ) Jenn

Sarah and Jack said...

The napkin rings are fabulous! I have a chandelier like that, and am searching for a second one for my sewing room. They seem harder to come by lately than they used to be!

Katie Jean said...

First of all, where is this williams-sonoma outlet you speak of? I love that store! I got a set of their easter cookie cutters from the thrift store. Talk about a great find. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. I'm so digging that tree from Sarah. I'm sure it'll do double duty for Christmas!

Ms. A said...

Of course, it is time to thrift and craft for summer picnics. There is nothing finer than a well put together picnic!

Feathers said...

Everything looks so pretty, the table is so inviting - did you save me a piece of the peach bundy cake??? :)

Stace said...

The peach bundt cake was so delicious -- particularly when you had the great idea to add the peaches and whipped cream to it. Yummy.

Heidi said...

I love the cupcake! I just bought it. Glad you had a good Easter.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawsh, you had a party and I didn't get an invitation! I woulda totally brought my appetite!!! heheh!

Looks like big fun! Such a sweet dessert table too and I LOVE the idea of a kids bar! I must copycat that idea in the future :) Remind me, k?

Luffya, mean it!

VaxGirl said...

It looks for all the world like the kiddo is mixing up a bloody mary, lol! Your holiday looks lovely and I am dying to see the Pyrex!

flanthrower said...

Ooo, I think I would've enjoyed the kid friendly bar too! I can't wait to your thrifted pyrex. I've found some cool ones lately and posted some pics of it a while back. I just love it but I'm trying to restrict my purchases since I know I'll have to move it all later.


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