Monday, October 30, 2006

Favorite Things

I've been busy. Mostly with work but with other things, too. I'm trying to get my handmade holiday gifts going (why don't I start these earlier? THAT should be my resolution.) and I'm trying to finish up some wedding details so I can get through the craziness of the holidays without heaping wedding craziness on top. I didn't post on Friday and instead took some time to peruse my favorite blogs. This got me to thinking of some of my favorite things. I looked around on Saturday and came up with a few:

Candles - I love the lighting , the scent, the homey feeling:

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Wine - white in particular. I'm by no means a wine snob or connoisseur. I just like it. A peek into my wine cooler:

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and of course, my sweet Louie. Here he is on Saturday waiting to be measured for his wedding tux. :):

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Such simple things, like the candles and wine, make life enjoyable while our more passionate loves, like my future husband, make life so very sweet.

Well how's that for sappy on a Monday morning? yawn . . . I knit yesterday. Like a fiend. What did I accomplish? THIS:

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Hmmm . . . this hat is REALLY small. (no I didn't check the gauge) and this is not the most flattering picture of me either. I'm not saying the day was wasted but geesh . . . I had big hopes for this hat. It's from this pattern and should fit my head quite differently. I think I'll gift this one to my cousin's little girl and try again with bigger needles and thicker yarn.

Tomorrow I have some thrifted stuff to share and another tea party hat. Back in a flash . . .

xoxoxo Rebecca


Vaxgirl said...

How cute you both are! You know it doesn't make any difference how early I start my holiday gifts. Either they stall at some midway point and I am frantically finishing them off a couple days before, or I finish them early and decide I have time to make more stuff. Which I am then frantically finishing off a couple days before. So I can't win..

jungle dream pagoda said...

What a sweet post ,we all need to be more thankful for the little things.

Heidi said...

You mean starting Christmas in October isn't early? My husband and co-workers laugh at me. They start on Dec. 20.

When is your wedding? How exciting!

Anonymous said...

your hat is totally cute and your wine cooler looks totally delicious. AND might i add....Louis looks most handsome in that picture. how went the tux fitting on Saturday?


Anonymous said...

Every once and awhile, we need to take the time to be thankful for the things we love, for those that love us, and for the things that make us happy above all. Do what you can do without getting stressed out, you'll forget to enjoy the holidays if you over commit yourself or take on more projects than you can get done! Stop and smell the wine. :)



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