Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thrifty Thrifty Ya Ya Da Da

I am SO glad I was able to hit my favorite thrift while in Baltimore. Lizzy Ann and I drove right to the store in Baltimore from NYC last Thursday. Mom met us there. I spent $45! That's a lot for me but like I said, it's my fav store and I so rarely get to go that I just bought up everything that peaked my interest. I'm sure NONE of you has done that before, RIGHT? uh uh.

Anyway, some of the booty: (typical disclaimer of crappy photography blah blah blah)

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blue holiday wash cloth - 45 cents - cute and perfect for my half bath

fireplace matches - $2 - mostly I wanted these for the super cute little house tube they came in but it is filled with blue tipped fireplace matches as a bonus!

Villeroy & Boch trinket box - $3 - oh how I love Villeroy & Boch

vintage table cloth - $2.50 - (under the matches, etc.) this was a half price item and it seems that these days you NEVER find the half price colors any more. I just couldn't believe some body didn't snatch this baby up! What a great fruit and veggie motif.

Bass pint glass - 45 cents - I love lots of ice in my drinks and pint glasses are the perfect size. Oh and sometimes we use them for beer, too.

Fire King casserole dish - $3 - I don't know a damn thing about Fire King but I hear people raving over it all the time and when this dish caught my eye (it's in great shape and has that sort of orangy iridescent finish) I turned it over and it said Fire King Made in the USA - I knew I had to buy it.

Fire King votive holders - 45 cents each - I thought these were from Yankee Candle and matched some I gave my sister for her B-Day but they say Fire King on the bottom. I am still giving them to her, they will go nicely I think.

I like all of this lot but I think the trinket box is my favorite:

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I won't over load you and will post more tomorrow - $45 of thrifted stuff is A LOT of stuff. :)

Anyone who has more info on Fire King, I'm curious. Apparently, I'm not as thrift saavy as I thought ha ha . . . I'm also again considering starting up a little EBay store AND . . . this is where I really need your insight . . . an Etsy Shop to maybe sell some of my paper creations. I have a great idea for a set of Thanksgiving menus, place cards and napkin rings that I thought people may like to own. I've realized that once I iron out the details of the design I'm pretty good at mass producing. So thoughts? I'm hoping to make up a set this week and post for all of you to see. Think autmun colors and lots of leaves and acorns. Oh, and of course GLITTER GLUE. Well maybe, I figure I can have the "rustic" version as well. (ie: no glitter)

I will leave you with another of the fabulous hats from the tea party:

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This was done by Lizzy Ann and was probably the most "normal" of all the hats. Normal meaning - no fake birds.

God bless hats.



Heidi said...

No fake birds? Now, what fun is that?

Re: the Fire-King--what you have there, m'dear, is very likely a piece of Peach Lustre. It was originally produced back in the middle of the century but then they brought it back in the 70s. I think they might have given it another name but I can't remember that right now. I think I have that exact piece you do and judging by the wear and condition of the finish, I think mine is of the 1970s vintage. Yours might be as well, I don't know enough to be able to tell the difference. It's pretty stuff! I love it.

Heidi said...

I love, love, LOVE that tablecloth. I'm a real fan of the fruit and veggie theme. I just got back from a day of thrifting in a city I'm visiting too. I'll post tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

I love the trinket box. It's very cute. Lizzy's hat is very classy, although, I can picture a bird perched on the flower...just a little one.

Just packed up my craft swap box. Addressed and ready to go, but one minor snag. I forgot to put a note inside, but that's typical for me. It looks so nice I hate to rip it apart. Oh well at least it's ready to mail. I can't wait for the swapping to begin. It feels like christmas.


Anonymous said...

Great finds on your trip!! whooo hoooo!
I really like the trinket box but the fireking dish is great too. Where did you have room for your luggage with 45 dollars worth of thrifts?? LOL

My swap package is allllmmooossst assembled, I might not be able to send out until Saturday though. Not sure I can sneek out of work long enough to go to the post office this week during the lunch hours. (Our post offices are ridiculous around here!) Heidi..I hope you like it, I have swap stress over it!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Love the tablecloth,and total bummer on the no birds on the hat!


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