Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Girl Called Violet & Other Musings

Most days I can't stand riding the subway. It's crowded and hot and often stinky. I'm fortunate to only have a 25 to 30 minute morning commute and my train is above ground for most of the trip. I rarely say "what a GREAT ride on the train today WOO HOO!" However, my morning ride yesterday really made me smile.

My train gets crowded. I get on early and usually can snag a seat. Lately I've been knitting rows on my cardigan to pass the time. A young woman and a little girl of about 7 got on and ended up standing near me. I heard the woman say "look, she's knitting!" The little girl watched me intently. At the next stop seats cleared and the little girl and her mother sat down next to me. The little girl looked and me and said "My Aunt Shannon knits, too!" We went on to chat the rest of the ride. I learned that her Dad was tall and didn't like to drive, her gym teacher is bald and they call him "blank head" and that her mom wants to dye her hair back to brown. :) You've got to love the thought patterns of a child. Anyway, I got up to get off at my stop and she said she hoped she saw me again. I told her my name was Rebecca and she excitedly said that was her Mom's name, too! Then she smiled and said "I'm called Violet!" Well Violet, you made my day. I hope I see you again, too. :)

In crafty news, please stop by Molly Chicken for her tutorial on Raggy Flowers. I've already e-mailed my Dad to make me one of those dowel sticks with the channel for cutting fabric strips. Nice.

Look at this thing:

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I paid $2 for it at the thrift last week. I'm guessing it's a spice rack. I'm considering trying to find empty spice jars that fit those holes and indeed using it as a spice rack. However, I also thought it would be a nice holder for small bottles of acrylic paint in the craft room. I don't paint that much so I don't know if that's the best idea. Regardless, it needs to be painted, it's the wrong red if you know what I mean. :)

Some crafty scores:

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needlepoint pillow kit - $2 - this is from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and is a gorgeous pattern! I went to their website to see if they had any of these kits listed but no luck. I do think I may need my own set of Table Top Red Coat Bowling though.

Coats & Clark lap embroidery hoop - $2 - I'm guessing this is for lap quilting which I know nothing about. But I think it would be nice to have if I venture into any large cross stitch or embroidery projects.

Navy blue Wool Ease - $1 - I picked this up for Dita and forgot to give it to her (along with her French press and flower pot so I guess she'll be waiting until I head back to Charm City at Thanksgiving. :)

Speaking of Dita, here is a look at her marvelous hat from the Tea Party:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Notice the excellent use of a fake bird. :) Brilliant! That's why she's my friend!

until the next time . . .



Sarah and Jack said...

LOL, kids really do go from one thing to the next, don't they? I have to think that riding the subway for a kid is way better than being trapped in a carseat in rush hour traffic though!

Anonymous said...

Oh my say the most precious things. BlankHead is a good name for a bald gym teacher. I don't think I can say what we called ours, or rather should say for sake of loosing my pristine reputation. :p

Some great buys...Maybe you can make the spice rack into a mini cupcake holder?? Hmmm on second thought, finding some clear spice containers to fill might be more practical!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Yay for Ditas bird hat!
That spice rack thingy is exactly the kind of thing I would pick up and totally not know what to do with it!We thrifters are eternal optimists about unusual objects and how they could play a functional role in our lives.Little kids can be so adorable,and what a lovely name,Violet.

barbian7 said...

I would use the spice rack for beads, or maybe sewing notions. I like it--reminds me of a game board piece.

sexy said...


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Nostalgia said...

I love the "spice rack"! I'd use it in my bathroom to store my Bare Ecentials makeup! The top looks like it would fit my foundation and blush's perfect!


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