Monday, October 02, 2006

Tour De Chance

Hello! (imagine that being said in a very horse and scratchy voice.) I survived the crazy weekend of thrifting, eating, sight seeing and more eating. my cold only kept me down for part of yesterday. I guess I'll start with some of our adventures on Friday when we traveled all over Long Island in search of bargains.

Dita and I started our trip at 8:00 am and drove ALL THE WAY out to Selden which is about 60 miles from my house. Following Vax Girl's list, we hit the Selden Thrift first. At this time I am wishing I would have taken pictures of what we got at each store but alas, I didn't do it that way. So instead, I'll tell the story and then share some pictures. Okay? okay . . .

ANYWAY, we hit the Selden Thrift first. I have to say, I was a bit surprised at the prices. A small bedside lamp with a slightly dirty fringed shade was $20! But did we let this stop us? No way! We pressed on and did end up with some good bargains. We then went to the Good Will also in Selden. Our finds were minimal there but I did get a rug for my dining room for only $40. It was new and from Target so I was okay with the price. I mean, you really can't buy a new 5' X 8' rug for $40. Then we got lost. Then we went to Applebee's and the Pottery Barn Outlet and then we got lost again. To make a LONG story short, we did find the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store in Bethpage (our favorite stop of the day) and also went to the Savers since I figured I wouldn't get too lost trying to get there.

Some of my finds - all from St. Vincent De Paul (the only store specific photos I managed to take):

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coffee/tea pot - $3

melamine sunflower bowl - 50 cents

mini cocktail shaker - 50 cents - probably my favorite find of the day

mini pitcher/creamer - 25 cents

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Winnie the Pooh/Disney mugs - 75 cents each - my sister admired these when we were in Disney this summer so they are to be gifted to her

embroidered napkins - 25 cents each - these are high on the favorite finds list, too

St. Vincent's was cheapy cheap and the lady was very friendly. I also picked up a hand made pink and black apron for Nina (she's the one with the pink kitchen) but forgot to photograph it before I gave it to her. It was 50 cents. What a steal! Dita got some goodies as well but again, no photos. I do hope she will take some pictures when she gets home today. Since we had been out for 12 hours on Friday, the picture taking was not so great. I hope to have more to share through out the week as I start to recover. :)

I do have one non-thrifting picture to share:

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From our dinner at my house last night. It was the best thing we did all weekend. That's my sweet Louie in the red (he's a fan of "finger guns" in pictures oy), Dita in the black shirt, Nina in the green, Minda behind her and Mary and David on the right. The last three are Nina's fabulous family who were visiting the Big Apple for the first time from Chico, California. It was a great weekend for sure. Soon I hope to share more about about Minda, David and Mary. They have their own business where they make and install fancy pants custom window treatments. YES, they are proffessional crafters. Sigh . . . .

Wow, lots of babble today! I'll be back tomorrow after you've had time to process. Hope everyone had as fine a weekend as I did.

ciao - Rebecca

PS - don't forget to sign up for our craft supplies swap, the cut off date is this weekend! I have quite the pile started in my craft room . . .


Sarah and Jack said...

I think getting lost is actually the best way to find cool stuff. I am always disappointed when I set out on a *mission*, KWIM?

Heidi said...

Hi Rebecca! I tried to email you using the link but my computer didn't like it, so hopefully you'll see this! I would love to participate in the Craft swap, but I think that I need to just be a sender and not a receiver! LOL Seriously, I have way too much stuff and I would love to find a good home to send it to! So hopefully you'll count me in!

jungle dream pagoda said...

ooh ,my vote for the find of the day goes to the embroidered napkins.
I also tried e-mailing you to join the swap,did my e-mail go to the virtual hinter lands?You should definitely pair me with someone that likes vintage notions!

lorenzstudio said...

I am dying over the cocktail shaker!! Does it have some sort of design etched into the glass, or are those just reflections I am seeing?

Anonymous said...

Yes yes... you can all ooh and ah over those fabulous finds (and they are fabulous, after all), but you cannot BEGIN to imagine the cuteness of the apron that will be adorning my kitchen window by the end of this weekend. And did I mention the carafe?! No... please don't even TRY to imagine its fabulousity, because you can't possibly. And now that I've thrown down the big talk, I'm going to have to go take a picture of them so I can e-mail them to Bex to post!!! - Nina :)

Monica said...

ahhhhhh you were RIGHT by the BEST thrift shop in the world but it was closed

the first & third saturday of every month a thrift shop just right down the block from the St Vincent one in bethpage is my favorite of them all, its in a tiny church in the basement, it will be open this saturday :)


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