Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Almost Famous :)

I'm in print! :) I wrote a short article for the monthly newsletter for The Thrift Store Shopper. You can read my little story here. I am fortunate to share a page with Apron Thrift Girl! (By the way, ATG, send me your info for the swap ahem ;) ) You'll notice that ATGs article has beautiful pictures. I looked and looked for a picture of my thrifted Halloween Costume with no luck. Oh well. Cookie has asked me to contribute again so next time there will definately be pictures even if I have to fake them. ;)

The swap is alive and kickin' and I can't wait to get everyone paired up. We have a few more participants and I'll post a list on Friday and send out swap partners over the weekend.

So what else did we find on our Tour De Chance?

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Pampered Chef Chilzane Bowl - $4 - Goodwill - I had the smaller one you see on top. This is for reference since my Mom or my Sister gave me the smaller one.

pink leaf dish - $2 - Selden Thrift - This is a favorite and goes wonderfully with the green leaf dish from a past thrift. Hmm, do I feel a collection coming on?

pig cutting board - $2 - Selden Thrift - I've already used this like 5 times. It says handmade in the Phillipines on the back. Don't you love his leather piggy tail for hanging?

pie shield - 35 cents - Selden thrift - already used this too. It's amazing, I didn't burn the crust. Who knew? (okay everyone knew but me . . .)

Still need to photograph a few more things from that weekend and I saw a comment from Nina about the pink apron and pink carafe we gave her. I will definately post that picture once she sends it, I've been dying to see her new pink kitchen myself. I did find this picture of the carafe:

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What a crappy shot, it's so blurry, but you can still see the cuteness of it. :) I so rarely find these with the lids still intact and in great shape. Baltimore Goodwill, $3 I think . . . it's been awhile.

More to come . . .



Norma said...

I've been enjoying your blog. I've been married 46 years an am still using my wedding gifts (and it was a very small wedding), so I guess I'm sort of a thrift store. Don't buy anything anymore--but like to browse. Occasionally I find a tablespoon I need.

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow! Check you out. Congratulations Thrifty woman!

Anonymous said...

Your article turned out great Bex! It immediately took me back to Halloweens past :) - Nina

Monica said...

wow you were way out by Selden Thrift, I havent been there in a while and Im in babylon

Monica said...

Oh yes I loved the article!!! I have to try to write one if I was a better writer!

Anonymous said...

Great buys, I love the piggy, too!

Also read your article and never thought about costuming at the thrift store but it's a wonderful idea. I've thought about it for fabric finds and just haven't purchased anything yet...taking old clothes with great fabric and reinventing them into something wonderful for the house.'ve got me thinking now. :)

Heidi said...

Congratulations on being published. I was too this week. Isn't it fun to see your name in print? Somehow it's different than the blog.

Can't wait to get matched for the swap!


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