Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Tale of the Headless Polish Sheep

Sometime back I received an e-mail from Anna in Poland. She had a Polish translation of The Knitters Bible and thought that it was translated incorrectly as the sheep she was knitting was HEADLESS. Yes, without a head. Nada cabeza. Sans melon.

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*shudder* Seems like the pattern instructions for the head were unclear. Anna read that I was knitting something from that book (we won't get into WHAT I was knitting and whether or not it's finished, thank you) and asked if I could send her the pattern in English so she could finish the poor thing. Well mail to Poland was a lot quicker than I thought (as is Anna's knitting!) and VOILA!

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Isn't he cute? Let's call him Charlie. Just another case of why the internet is wonderful for bringing us crafty ladies together. Please go see Anna's other wonderful knits on her blog (in Polish) and her Flicker site (in English.)

Thrifty Goodness: Saving the World, One Headless Knit Sheep at a Time.

So what did I do this weekend? Aside from standing in LONG lines to get my thrills on the roller coasters at Great Adventure, I spent my Sunday on the sofa knitting dog sweaters for my sister's three pooches. I'll show a picture when all three are complete. It's a theme project. So why do I knit for other dogs and not my own?


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While Kaiser is a huge fan of Old Navy dog sweaters (particulary the ones with attached scarves) he is NOT so fond of those I've made for him. He kept walking into the wall trying to rub it off and then scooting across the floor in protest. So NO MORE SWEATERS for him. *hmphf*

But I digress . . . in addition to the sweater knitting, I also worked on a larger version of the paper rosettes I made for the tea. I thought they would make for nice Christmas decorations to hang in the windows:

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I'm not 100% in love with this one yet but we're getting there. I'm thinking another rosette in the center, maybe dark red or green? I ordered some glass glitter online, maybe that is just what I need.

Tomorrow, more updates on the thrift heard round the world (aka - my $45 spree in Baltimore) and another fabulous tea party hat with touching long time friend story. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats.

Keep me posted on your swap! Sarah received mine, check it out here!

until tomorrow . . . R


Sarah and Jack said...

You tease, holding back on the thrifing goodies like that! Speaking of knitting, I saw an interesting wrap on the Rachael Ray show this morning. Too bad I nearly poke my eyes out with those things, eh?

jungle dream pagoda said...

Those Christmas decorations are going to be beautiful,my vote goes for deep red!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca-you are too funny, saving the world one sheep at a time! What kind of paper do you use for your rosettes?? Are you using that double sided gift wrap you mentioned before?


Heidi said...

Hey, I saw that same wrap as Sarah on the RR show this morning. It was pretty cool and looked like it would be easy to knit, just time-consuming because it was so long. That poor little headless sheepie--that cracked me up! So did her instructions really leave out the head? Bizarre. Rebecca to the rescue!

VaxGirl said...

Oh, that sheep is adorable! And to think he owes his head to you


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