Friday, October 20, 2006

New Year's Resolution!

Yes, I know it's early but last year's resolution was to be more timely about getting things done, so, mission accomplished! ;) Seriously, resolutions are good motivators for me and in 2007 I want to create SOMETHING I can put up for sale on Etsy. I know I can, I just need to do. I don't know what I'll make but rest assured that it will involve mass amounts of paper and glitter.

Speaking of things I want to make, check out the vintage button rings at Relic Boutique:

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So stinkin' cute! The November issue of country Living is pretty good, I must say.

Back to thrifting, how about this for a crappy photo?:

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glass fruit & veggie motif pitcher - $2 - one of the tomato images is faded but for real, how cute?

pyrex pie dish - $3 - I have a thing for the fluted ones. Plus these aren't just for pie you know, I use mine for my BIG SALAD.

enamal jack o' lantern cup - 45 cents - he has a pretty big chip but would you have been able to resist him? I think not.

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New Orleans pencil drawing - $2 - Luis and I loved our visit to the Big Easy and this will go nicely in the living room.

framed butterfly - $1 - I took this out of the frame and it says "litho in USA." I didn't like the frame but now I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I'll put it back?

I'm sure you're wondering just how long I'm going to draw out this ONE thrift trip? As I don't see any thrifting in my immediate weekend, I'm stretchin' this one for all I can. Luis and I are going to the amusement park tomorrow and I plan to spend my Sunday getting caught up on cleaning and laundry. Ooo, that sounds fun, oy.

Our hat today was done by my sister Mandi, also known as Hot Sauce! ;)

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Nice use of red and black AND feathers. Mandi works part time at a scrapbook store, you can see her scrappin' blog here.

Have a great weekend i miei dolci, I'll think of you as I fold Luis' socks.

ciao - R


Ha ha - I almost forgot, so I decided to add this in BOLD. Alright, enough bold. Anyway, I sent out Sarah's supplies earlier this week and I know mine are on their way from her, too, yeah! I promise to get Sara's supplies out at the beginning of next week (it's raining, long story, the Mets lost the NLCS, yada yada yada). Let me know what's going on with YOU! I haven't heard from Mary Beth & Linda so I hope all is well there.


Heidi said...

I loved those rings too! I went to the website listed but they didn't have anything for sale. Sounds like they do cute stuff, though.

Cute thrift stuff! Love that little punkin' guy. I would have bought him too!

Have fun at the park--that sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

Craft swap update. My box-o-stash is on it's way to Madison, WI as we speak or should I say blog. I mailed 11:00 this morning. Feels like Christmas!! Whooopee!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Ahem, I just have to say, GO CARDS! (insert tongue sticking out smiley face here!)

Anonymous said...

I was drooling over those rings, too. Great minds think alike!! Good for you getting a head start on the on the New Years you have no excuse and a lot of motivation, you put your resolution in print for millions of people to read, so now you gotta do it. Here's to glitter and glue, now you gotta do!


PS, I let Heidi know via email that I would be sending her box of goodies out on Monday. I need to find 1 more item...just one more and on top of that, I walked out of the office without my box to put it all in!!

Heidi said...

As Lucy mentioned, we're mailing Monday. btw, I have the same resolution but I haven't put it in print yet. Maybe Jan. 1.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Love the hat,those rings ...swoon. My hub wants me to test the waters with my little girl cothes so perhaps I will resolve with you and Heidi and we can support each other,but... I'm not sure.

Monica said...

ooooo Love your finds!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Is there such a thing as too many thrifting photos?

VaxGirl said...

ha ha, it's like a salad, only BIGGER!


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