Monday, March 26, 2007


Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! I had a truly enjoyable weekend despite a bit too much wine on Friday night with Joolz. Oy. ;) Saturday brought me good luck at the thrift store considering I thought about turning back about 50 times before I got there thanks to my throbbing brain. I am glad I suffered through it for look at my bounty!

mason jar - 99 cents - yes I know, how many of these do I need? But I will use them I SWEAR.

Japanese tea cups (upper left) 99 cents each - these were just too cute to pass up! I love the patchwork look to them.

bowl - 99 cents - I thought the blue was bright and lovely and the price was right!

blue lotus bowls - $1.99 each - I about sighed out loud when I say these. How cute! I love the color, the shape, you name it. Made in Japan no less!

Mikasa tea cups - $1.99 each - I need more cups like I need a hole in the head but . . . well you know. The pattern is Margaret.

Found among those random bags of stuff . . .

bunny salt & pepper shaker set - $1.99 for the bag - um . . . you can ROLL the condiments down the table.

shoe pincushion - 99 cents for the bag - this is too cute for words and prompted me to search on EBay for other tiny pin cushions. I didn't bid on anything (I have crappy EBay luck) but I might . . . I just might.

flocked Easter picks - $1.99 for the bag - So cute and vintage! There are tags on some of them that have an address for a store on Broadway in Manhattan and say "Parisienne Made in Hong Kong 10 cents."

miniature Easter ornaments and baskets - $1.99 for the bag - the ornaments are wooden and tiny! Some close ups:

These were difficult to photograph . . . the birds nests are my favorites:

Perhaps I'll be able to use one of them in the doll house. (Speaking of, I need to paint it before I assemble it and it recommends latex paint which means I have to go to Home Depot or something and well . . . I don't get there much. Plus I'm on the fence about colors but I'll leave that to another post.)

So anyway, hung over thrifting seems to work for me. :)

Today is the last day to sign up for the Spring Fling Swap! By my calculations I think we are close to 50 participants! Needless to say, Lucy and I hope to get your partners out ASAP but please bear with us. We will at least post a list on Sweet Goodness Swaps and those of you with partners with blogs can check each other out and we'll get email addresses and home addresses out within the next few days. I've already started gathering all things pink and green!



Ms. A said...

Happy Birthday!!! methinks it was a good weekend for birthday girls...

Heidi said...

You found such fun stuff! Good thing you powered through the yucky headache. You ought to try making teacup candles ala Martha Stewart. They're really easy, make cute little gifties, and give you an excuse to buy more teacups! LOL

Katie Jean said...

You were a lucky thrifter this weekend! I especially love that bowl, the color is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Well hellooooo, look at all that good shtuff!!!!! Your flocked stuff made me lol cuz I'm forever buying up everything flocked!!! I'm such a flocking weirdo! P.S. your adorable Peep arrived!!! I blogged it, but forgot to tell you thank you personally - doh!

Sarah and Jack said...

My dad recently brought me over the same shoe pincushion, and it is cute!

monique said...

Happy birthday!!!
You sure found lots of lovely things.

Paula said...

I swear my Grandma had that same bowl in your top picture. Love it -good finds!
You visited my site recently and asked about my yellow diaper bag with the lamb on the front. I did knit and felt it.
Looking forward to the pink and green swap. Big thanks to you and Lucy for setting another good one up!

Sonya said...

I love all of the things you found! The birds in their little nests are especially cute!

As for my banner/header, my talented hubby whipped it up for me. He is a web-designer and programmer and can do that stuff! I just tell him what I want and he makes it happen! Hubby Goodness! LOL!

Tara said...

I am infinitely jealous of your thrift store finds. I gotta start looking around for some good ones around here.

Feathers said...

My mom had those lotus bowls in white, your blue ones are so much prettier! I just adore those little flocked Easter picks, and the birds nests too - great stuff you got! :)

P.S. Happy birthday too!

Bee said...

Happy Birthday, sorry it is a bit late, I'm just catching up. I enjoyed the thrifty goodness of your Easter bargains. LOL at the rabbit salt and pepper on wheels. The lotus bowl are so nice.

Susan said...

What great finds at the thrift store. So happy to hear your swap has so many participants. It's such a wonderful idea.

Peta said...

Wow, what wonderful finds!


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