Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Getting Back on Track

I've been a bit of a lazy sod these last few days. I did manage to start the laundry but didn't even finish one load (how shameful!) but of course I could go shopping . . . I bought THIS by the way. Does that shock you? I mean after all, I try to be thrifty in most ways yet I'll drop $180 on a tote bag. To make you (and me) feel better, the bag retails for $400, Coach is my very favorite AND their bags last forever. Oh and I got my tax return back. :) See . . . I feel better all ready. I also bought a new dining room table and chairs but we did have loads of wedding gift certificates to put towards that so I didn't feel super guilty. Plus we needed a new table . . .

Where was I?? Oh yes, my laziness. I'm hoping to break this cycle. I managed to half clean my craft room and that was fairly motivating. Once we get our new table I can put the current dining room table in the craft room (which is a small farmhouse style kitchen table) and start working on my dollhouse. Sigh . . . I can't wait!

On to more interesting things . . . a wonderful gift from the ever sweet Lucy:

What a wonderful box this is! Want to see what's inside?

Marvelous! How much do I love pink kitchen utensils? And do see those hand made recipe cards and dividers? They are all HAND WRITTEN:

I can't tell you how touched I am that she would take all that time to put together such a fabulous wedding gift just for me. Last night I whipped up her "To Die For Potroast" and let me tell you, it is to die for. Luis loved it which is good since he poo-pooed the chicken I made on Sunday. Hmphf. Anyway . . . maybe if you ask Lucy nicely she'll post that fabulous (and super duper easy) pot roast recipe. :)

I actually sent Lucy a gift as well. It was a thank you for all of her organizational help with the Pink and Brown Swap. I made her these mitts:

I was very happy with the way they turned out. This is my second pair of custom mittins. Remember the orange ones I made for Sara?

They are fun to make and I've been enjoying designing them for individuals. I'm planning to have my mittens as one of my crafty venture items for Goodness. Have I told you about Goodness? Well it's just a hatchling at the moment so I'll save that diatribe for another day. :)

Happy trails!


Heidi said...

Those mittens are too cute! Love them!

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey lady, that's a nice bag you got there! LOL

Shara said...

Two weeks into the marriage and he is poo-poo'ing your dinner??? Uh-Oh! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today

plongstocking said...

your back! Congratulations on a being a beautiful bride. Your efforts paid off the tables looked thoughtful and pretty. May you live happily ever after! ok, now to me:) IWON! IWON! yea. I'll be more than happy to send you my address. email me at dianas2743@hotmail.com and I'll send it to you. I can't find your email address on your site. I found my David head at a garden nursery. He's actually a stone planter. The plant is supposed to be in the top of his head. He's made to be outside, but I wanted him inside.

Jane said...

So your just back from your honeymoon and the totally awesome detail packed wedding that you coordinated, and you think a few days of rest is lazy! No sir! You just keep on your own little schedule. A guy in an elevator once told my husband and I that we would be newlyweds for two years! Bonus! That's lots of time to relax and relish!
Great mits and bargains!

Lucy said...

I think you deserve to give yourself a treat, and a Coach bag is certainly worth it! Great idea on using your table in the craft room...hope you create many wonderful things on it.

:) Glad you like the package I put together for you, cooking and recipe collecting is my other favorite hobby. That pot roast recipe is really good and easy too. I like fix em and forget em recipes!

Can't wait to hear more about GOODNESS! Is this going to be an online venture, or bricks and mortar?

xoxo lucy

Colleen said...

Wohoo my first blogland raffle win. BEAUTY! I love the mittens those are super cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I like that purse/bag! Can I borrow it this weekend ya think? I'll bring it back... pinky swear and shtuff. Your table is great too :)

How's married life? Good? Fab?

So hey... about the dollhouse. Mine is now turned into a cabinet for birdnests, so I guess I should search for another one eh?

I missedyalikemad! So glad you're back.

Peta said...

Wow, how generous is Lucy?
I adore that Coach bag. I have a wallet and they do last forever.

flanthrower said...

The pink and brown mitts are beautiful. It's been a very cold winter here so your orange mitts have gotten a lot of use!! Thanks!


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