Monday, March 12, 2007


Hello! I'm back from way too many days under the weather. Being sick sucks. :( It was nice to be home on Friday and not at work but I got almost nothing accomplished this weekend other than making a rather large dent in the sofa. So needless to say I did not get to the post office. I will mail my promised packages out on Wednesday once I return from my mini business trip to Jersey. PROMISE.

So what about color? You thought I was going to show you more thrifted linens didn't you? Ha! How wrong you are. I will share those another day as I have to wonder how many pictures of thrifted goodies you guys can take. :) So instead, I wanted to talk about Pink and Brown. Yes, I know, we've done that one to death but it has been incredibly inspiring to me lately. I loved the way the colors came together in all the aspects of my wedding and even more so how many of you were inspired to create such wonderful things for the pink and brown swap! Now when I see that combo it automatically makes me smile. I worked on some paper crafts in that color combo that I am very happy with. I hope to complete them and post some pictures soon but in the meantime, how about a few more wedding shots?

wrapped goodies for the bridesmaids . . .

Why does color, or the combination of colors, inspire us so? I think it's a bit like music. When you hear a certain song it may make you happy or sad or a whole multitude of other emotions because of the memories it brings. Colors are the same way especially when you associate an event, like a wedding, or a person to them.

wedding cake shaped card box . . . this was probably my favorite thing we made!

I think that color swaps are so popular because you can take that color and use it as a basis for your creative process. Did she say SWAP? Yes, dear Lucy has already started cranking her brain wheels for our next swap. The theme will be spring and there will be a color element AND a twist. Oh yes, you'll have to put some thought into this one I think. It will be a fun challenge that leaves a lot of creative license so I know everyone will do a bang up job! We'll announce the details once we get them all ironed out and leave loads of time to complete the task.

Oh and by the way, I signed up for a pin cushion swap over at Folded Gingham. I think pin cushions are easy to make a fun way to experiment with different ideas. Plus, who couldn't use a fun new pin cushion? The deadline to sign up was supposed to be last Friday but as Tiff is having some computer trauma, etc, she has extended it! So go here right away and leave her a comment if you want to sign up!

May you have a wonderfully Pink and Brown day!



MéLisa said...

Glad that you are feeling better! Can you really post too many pictures of your thrifty finds? Is that possible? Not for me! I love seeing everyone’s treasures!

I can’t believe that you made that card cake! It’s fabulous! So pretty!

Lucy said...

I love your card box cake, it's just tooo cute! What did you make it out of? Love it!

I agree with you on the color thingy, I am inspired by certain colors and think of different times of my life, like jade green reminds me of my grandma's house growing up....yellow reminds me of my first day of kindergarten---color evokes memories just like a song or a picture would for so many of us.

I will forever think of you, your wedding and all the wonderful friends made with the swap when I see the pink and brown combo together..happy happy memories!

Can't wait to roll out the Spring swap--I've got my wheels rolling that's for sure! Hope we exceed our 36 or 37 participants that we had last time, do you think it's possible?? I do!

Hope you are feeling better!


Anonymous said...

Morning sunshine! Love that cake box too!! You gotta keep that one up all year for sure... go thrift yourself a specfab cake stand for it!

Umm... I need your address again and yes I got a bunny fer ya and yep I want one of your rosettes!

Wheew, that was a long sentence! I gotta go get dressed.

Heidi said...

Ooh, those prezzies are to die for! Love the combo of the shiny pink paper and the darling ribbon. Almost too pretty to open. And that cake box is awesome! WOW. I love all the handmade touches that you added to your wedding to really make it "YOU"! Those are the ones that are always most memorable to me.

flanthrower said...

Yes, I think color swaps are a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the pink/brown swap.

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love those pics of your wedding goodies,more please! Check out ETSY's cover page,its guessed it pink and brown themed today!

Christy said...

The card box is gorgeous Rebecca! And the Bridesmaid goodie boxes are beautiful too.

Can't wait to hear about the Spring swap. You guys are killing me with the suspense! :)

Purlygirly said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon this via Craftster. The pink and brown wedding stuff was just divine!! (I did pink & green back in October!)

Peta said...

Hope you are feeling better now :) Can't wait to hear about the swap and I love the name of it - "Spring Fling"!


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