Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crocheted Bunny

A few people sounded interested in my "Peep shaped" crocheted bunny so here is the pattern!

Sweet Bunny

Crochet Hook "I"*

Lily Sugar & Cream Cotton - 1 ball of your color choice

ribbon of your color choice

polyfil/stuffing/cotton balls

Make two bunny bodies:

Row 1 - chain (ch) 11

Row 2 - 1 single crochet (sc) in 2nd chain from end and every chain, turn (10 sc)

Row 3 - ch 1, 2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in each sc until last sc, 2 sc in last sc, turn (12 sc)

Row 4 - repeat row 3 (14 sc)

Row 5 - ch 1, 1 sc in every sc, turn (14 sc)

Rows 6 - 13: Repeat row 5 eight times

Row 14 - ch 1, decrease in first 2 sc: draw up loop through first sc and then draw up second loop through second sc and single crochet together = sc2tog, 1 sc in each sc until last 2 sc, sc2tog in last 2 sc, turn (12 sc)

Rows 15 - 16: repeat row 14 twice (8 sc)

Rows 17 - 18: repeat row 3 twice (12 sc)

Rows 19 - 23: repeat row 5 five times (12 sc)

Rows 24 - 26: repeat row 6 three times (6 sc)

*this completes the body, one ear is made and then the second

Row 27 - ch 1, 1 sc in first 2 sc, turn (2 sc)

Row 28 - ch 1, 2 sc in first 2 sc, turn (4 sc)

Row 29 - ch 1, 1 sc in each sc, turn (4 sc)

Rows 30 - 33: repeat row 29 4 times (4 sc)

Row 34 - ch 1, sc2tog twice, turn (2 sc)

Row 35 - ch 1, sc2tog and finish off

Attach yarn to first sc opposite the first ear with a slip stitch

Repeat Rows 27 - 35 for second ear

Place bunny bodies together and attach yarn to bottom right corner with slip stitch. Chain 1 and single crochet around bunny tucking in yarn ends as you go. Stop on bottom left corner stuff bunny using your crochet hook to push stuffing up into ear. Do not over stuff! The one you see above is a little too chubby and his stuffing is showing through. Continue doing single crochet to close up bottom opening. Finish off and weave in yarn end. Tie ribbon around neck and add button or embroidery eyes if desired. Enjoy!

I hope this pattern makes sense, I've never written one before. If you try it and it doesn't work please let me know! You can always increase or decrease the number of chains at the beginning to change the size of your bunny just remember to resize the ears appropriately.

I tried a crocheted chick last night but let's just say that the dogs are loving their new toy. It looked more like a sponge. :) I am going to try to make felt chicks this weekend or maybe a few of these. Go over to to Bee's blog and see her felt versions here and here! Love them!

Oh and for some fun shopping visit Tender Heart Treasures. They have the cutest shabby chic table items! My favorites are these adorable covered pastry stands:

So cute! They are a bit pricey for me at $60 but they have lots of deals, too, like this biscuit server:

and this three tiered server:

both are only $15! Can you tell I'm in a pastel Spring mood?

Speaking of SPRING, only FOUR MORE DAYS to sign up for the Spring Fling Swap! Go here for details and to send us your info. We'll be posting soon about a spending limit of $20 on the included swap items not including postage. Stay tuned!



Katie Jean said...

Thanks for the pattern, I might just have to try it out. We'll see though, I've only ever started crochet projects and never finished!

Anonymous said...

Oh my WORD! Another day I rue looking at Thrifty Goodness... I want I want I want! Now I have peeps on the brain, and tiered shabby chic servers! Maybe it will be enough to foment some serious house reorg this week / weekend?! But wait... that's not the goodness I came here to discuss. What could hold more goodness, you ask?! Why... the fact that it is our Thrifty Goodness goddess' birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right ladies... she's a glorious and sassy 29 today, and I'm thankful to be blessed with such an AMAZING and true friend!
Love, 9

Peta said...

Love those covered pastry stands, I could see those making some awesome christmas decorations!

Lucy said...

First and foremost..What...What, it's your birthday and you didn't peep a word?? HOLY GOODNESS, Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you had a great day and many wishes for a wonderful year ahead!!

Love the I wish I could crochet or knit!! The pattern looks easy to read...but I'm not the most reliable source on this topic!!

Hugs and happy birthday!!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Chica!!!!

Kristi said...

Oh the peeps bunny is adorable. I can't believe Easter is just two weeks away.


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