Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Obsessing . . .

I have been sitting here for the last few days wishing I were somewhere else. In an attempt to wittle down my ever growing magazine stack I lugged a bunch to work for breaktime perusal. I've been getting caught up on Country Living mostly and I'm absolutely DROOLING over the antique fairs they have been highlighting! You know it, you've done it, day dreamed you were walking along aisles and aisles of goodies just hoping to find that one treasure to take home. I did some reasearch and there are two such events not far from me. This one and this one. Has anyone ever been to these markets or any like them? I'm always up for a nice roadtrip but it's good to know what to expect.

Here are the linens I thrifted in Baltimore before the wedding:

I won't bore you with the cost break down, all three cloths were around $3 - $4 each and the napkins were 95 cents. The yellow cloth (sadly I only found one matching napkin) at the top may get to sit on my Easter table. We are getting our new dining room table Saturday so I'll have to see if it's the right size but I think so. The two blue cloths are round table toppers and hand made. Now I just need a little round side table for my porch and these will go perfectly with the slate blue walls out there. The pink embroidered napkins are darling and will certainly be put to good use.

I was also lucky with some crafting supplies:

At the top you'll see some old knitting books and on the left top there are some iron on transfers from Aunt Martha's for days of the week piggies. Cute! I also found a pattern for some stuffed bears. The cards are only a few samples from a HUGE bag I got for $2. They are only the fronts of the cards and they span a great number of years from the variety of styles. The best part is that all of these cards are for "Father" or "Grandfather" and I just think it is so sweet that someone (and a man at that!) kept all of these cards for so long. Very sentimental! I thought they would be good for crafting and I also plan to scan in some of the more interesting vintage images. I also sorted out a nice stack for someone I know who will certainly turn them into works of art.

In other thrifty news, I FINALLY sent out the two 100th post Thrifty Goodness prize packs!

So Diana and Colleen, please keep an eagle eye out for boxes coming your way! I hope you find something you like. :)

And speaking of GOODNESS (how often do I use that segue, huh?) tomorrow will be the day that Lucy and I announce the BIG SPRING FLING SWAP! That's a working title by the way ha ha. I will tell you that sign up will be through March 26th so you won't have long to tell all of your friends to get on over here and get on board. We are doing this in hopes of making the send out date in time for everyone to receive their goodies before the end of April.

So until then . . .



MéLisa said...

Would you mind coming over & sorting through my mags when you are done with yours? Thanks! Cause I hate doing it! I have been to an antique market we have one here every summer, It's pretty good. Some of the prices are high but some are really good, you just have to keep an eye out.

Ms. A said...

Sounds as if those markets are worth a trip to!

I can't wait until our camp opens and I can get back to perusing the Alton Antique Center in Alton, NY (no website, but you can read about it at:

Here is a good link to find Fleas:

near our camp, we can go to:

At home, we are near:

I tend to find that thrifts are cheaper than the fleas, and the stuff we find at the fleas/dealers near our camp on Lake Ontario are better bargains than what we find at home.

The best way to find out for sure, is to pack up the car and go! Wear comfy shoes, a loud shirt (so your friends can easily find you), pack a lot of bottled water, granola bars -- and have fun!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Isn't there a Rennigers Flea Market somewhere on the east coast? (I could google it, but I am lazy. LOL) The Rennigers in Florida was TO DIE FOR. Expensive, but really amazing. That yellow tablecloth looks interesting, I need to see more of it woman!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, she loves me! She really really loves me!!!! *jumping up and down*

I can't wait to see what you've sorted for me. But enough about me, gosh! You always snatch up the neatest things. And OMG I am so dumb. I would never have thought to pick up ROUND tablecloths for the patio!! *smacking my head* Oh my gosh, does this mean I get to decorate outside too? Decorate=Thrift Shop! Oh how fun!!! Now I have something new to search for to adorn my ugly boring patio.

Who luvs ya! Oh yes, and yours will be in the mail tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Lambertville Flea a couple of yrs ago while visiting some friends in NJ... it was EARLY Spring, so kinda small - but FUN!! The town is GORGEOUS, so it is an all around good road trip!
As for The Elephant's Trunk, never been, but would Love to go sometime. If you are at all Familiar with Mary Randolph Carter's 'JUNK' books, this Flea is one of her favorite haunts. You can check out her old Junker's Journal entries at . I'm jealous - HAVE FUN!!
-from cold Syracuse,

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love those vintage cards!

Leigh Ann said...

Love the blue cloths with ball fringe - perfect for a porch.

You know I'm up for the elephant trunk anytime. My tea place lady loves it.

You should do the biggie, Brimfield, sometime. It is three times a year - May, July (too hot), and Sept. I've always found good stuff there.

Cheers! LA


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