Friday, March 16, 2007


Last weekend I made a quick trip to the Savers. It was a wonderful trip! There was not much to be found and I think I spent a grand total of $8. I am happy with the items I purchased but what I felt was so special about this particular thrifting adventure was an item I did not purchase. No, it's not one of those I-saw-something-but-didn't-get-it-and-now-I-regret-it stories. I did get my coveted item but I didn't actually pay for it.

I found this chipped teacup and instantly loved it's stark white charm. I was pleased to see it was a Wedgwood piece but sad because it was chipped. I put it back because seriously, do I NEED a chipped tea cup? Then I went back for it. Then I spent 20 minutes looking through all the housewares in case there were more. Then I decided what the heck! I like the cup and I'm getting it. I took my few purchases to the register and the guy asked if I had noticed that the cup was chipped. I told him yes but I liked it anyway. He said "It is kind of pretty." I agreed. Then he said he wouldn't charge me for it and wrapped it up securely in some newspaper. I don't know why I'm so happy with this chipped teacup but I am. I put in on a shelf in my craft room:

It's perfect don't you think? :)

I did get some other goodies that day:

Connecticut plate - $2 - this is not really a souvenir plate I think as it seems like you could eat your dinner from it. Also, who knew that Connecticut was the Nutmeg State? Not I! So you see, it is also an educational piece.

Fiesta dish - $1 - I think this is to hold the creamer and sugar. My mother has some yellow Fiesta Ware so maybe she can use this.

pillow case - $1 - lovely colors! Who could resist? Oh and it has birds on it, too. :)

wire apple basket - $3 - the colors are perfect for my decor!

Also found this little gem among the teacups (during my fervent search for more Wedgwood):

Sorry for the blurry photo! It says Pia on the bottom right and I think it's adorable! I found a few other Pia designs on EBay, very cute! Hmm . . . collection? We'll see.

Don't forget to sign up the Spring Fling Swap! We already have a good group!

Oh and for all you treasure hunters out there, that teacup says Wedgwood Barlaston (can't read the pattern!) and I would love to find some other pieces so please keep your eyes peeled for me! I have lots of goodies to trade! You know I'll be scouring EBay tonight. Let the hunt begin! :)



Anonymous said...

Omg. I just drooled over the Pia cup. It rhymes with my name!!! And it's adorable! How did you get so effin lucky?! I hate you. Heh heh, not really.

Gosh I wish I could join the swap :( I'm still trying to get another one that's past due out the door.

Oh and I think your teacup pin cushion holder is scrump-shuss!

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, I forgot to say. The mean kids at school when I was little used to call me Tia Pia. How rude! I will blame all my future and current issues on that fact.
Heh heh.

jungle dream pagoda said...

OH MY WORD!!!! I am loving that liitle orangy girl tea-cup!!! SCORE!!!!

Jane said...

I would have bought the tea cup too. A little chip is no big deal! Looks great with the pin cushion.

I am having so much fun brainstorming for the Swap!

plongstocking said...

Hi Rebecca, your an excellent shopper! You found some great deals. I received your package yesterday! Thank you so much - all the linens are so fun - Gary especially likes the apron! It was very sweet of you to send so much.

Peta said...

Rebecca, I used to work for Wedgwood and that pattern is called "Nantucket" and is always on ebay :)

VaxGirl said...

Yes, that Fiesta thingy holds the creamer and sugar. But it would be cute to hold rings and such on a dresser. Of course, you will probably find a creamer and sugar sooner or later...

Dee Light said...

Isn't thrifting the best!! And what's a little chip any way, it just adds character.

Leigh Ann said...

Love the cup AND the story AND what you did with it. Makes me smile.

Cheers! LA

Colleen said...

The chippy cup is perfection as a pincushion holder. Score!

Trudi said...

What is Pia? the mugs is so flippin cute. What search do you use to find them on ebay?
Love organge.


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