Monday, June 25, 2007

Hazy Lazy Days

I wish I could share some photos with you from my visit to The Bronx Zoo but my camera battery died. :( It was fun though, pictures or not. The Butterfly Garden is lovely and the gorillas in the Congo Gorilla Forest are amazingly human. I watched a mother and her baby for about 15 minutes. They were so sweet together.

So what do I have pictures of? First, here is an AMAZING bag I got from Suzie Sews!

photo courtesy of Suzie Sews . . .

I left her a comment once saying if she ever wanted to do a swap for some US magazines (she had recently mentioned them) that I'd love to if she would please include some Cadbury Roses. So she kindly agreed and not only did get the candy, I got the bag AND a lovely crocheted belt. :) Suzie's picture came out better then mine so there you go. She said it's a bit of a Cath Kidston type and I couldn't love it more.

If you go here and scroll down you can see the goodies I sent to Suzie. Funny how she thinks we have the best magazines and I totally love British mags!

I did not get to thrift this weekend. I'm sort of jonesing for it now. :) These are a few things I picked up at Savers a few weeks back:

Oh the ever lovin' dark picture. NICE. Anyway, the sweet Father mug is probably a shaving mug. I love his curly mustache. I couldn't find anything about it on Ebay. The red floral in the front is a very cool apron that wraps all the way round and covers your top as well. Great for messy baking I think. You'll probably see a lot of this come fall. Also a nice Pyrex bowl in Butterprint, new salt and pepper shakers and a few of those gold frames I love. Maybe I'll take a mid-week thrifting trip which I don't usually do because of the terrible traffic heading out to Long Island.

I did start making something for the Summer Fun swap this weekend but as you know, I cannot share it. Don't want to spoil the surprise! I've been making lists of other items to create for the swap and hope to make at least one of them. I like lists, it's fun to check things off.

Take care and have a wonderful day!



Vallen said...

I love your new blue period. And swear to god, I have that same teacup potholder in my sights to make. we are something.

flanthrower said...

Love the pyrex bowl! I think the butterprint pattern is my hands down favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hey you! How you doin!?
Guess what, I haven't forgotten that I promised you the Goddess thing. I'm just busier than I thought I'd be lately.
Hey, I have that same little pyrex bowl! It's my favorite!

Dana said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the zoo. And your thrift finds are GREAT! I can't seem to ever find vintage Pyrex . . . my day will come . . . or so I keep telling myself. :)

Question for you since your from NY. At a yard sale over the weekend I bought a very heavy old metal bucket with "B of E NYC" stamped into the side of it. What does that mean?


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