Friday, April 18, 2008

A Spring Flower

Not much to report in the crafty endeavors this week. I seemed to have misplaced the other skein of yarn I need to finish the monkey and I'm desperately trying to finish up a baby afghan for a shower in 2 weeks. It's cute but not photo worthy just yet.

Do you read the Craft Magazine blog? Lucy turned me onto it and I'm now checking it daily for inspiration and project ideas. I even save the posts with my favorite ideas in my Bloglines to refer back to. NOw, I will tell you that there is some weird (to me) stuff on there. I doubt I'll be knitting any cat hats or enjoying bizarre meat art but many of the projects are in my style despite the embroidered jellyfish bubble skirt. Eh, to each his own I guess. :)

Anyway, I recently printed out their pattern for a crocheted flower:

Aha! Mine looks much like the picture, good for me. (Though I did add an extra row of blue around the edge and have yet to make the little center piece.) My husband tried to use it as a coaster so I moved it to the bluebird nest.

You can find the pattern here. There are no yarn or needle specifics, I used size 3 crochet cotton (I had it on hand) and a 00 steel hook.

The weekend is upon us and while I'll be spending tonight chanting "HENRIK! HENRIK!" at my TV . . . tomorrow night I'll be enjoying the lovely wedding of Sweet Joolz. :) Stop by and wish her love and maybe she'll bring us all some sunshine back from her honeymoon.



Jane said...

LOL! I am glad you warned me about the meat art! The Cat hat was cute, but my cat would have shredded that before the needles were cold.

Your flower looks great. The extra blue row is a nice touch, especially against a white table cloth.

I am looking forward to Summer Sisters! Thanks for the recommendation. I may have to start with that one.

Have a great weekend. It's times like this (Devils loosing) when I am glad I live far away from the carnage.

Sid Simpson said...

Craftzine is magnificent! I get great ideas from there, especially sewing tips and ideas for projects with my students.

Dita said...

I love Craftzine. I have a subscribtion. There's always great ideas and some crazy ones, too in every issue. BTW, the brother magazine is great for guys (like mine) that like to take things apart and/or put them back together or make new things. I got a subscribtion for Jer and he totally loves it.

Dita said...

OOps, I forgot. Your flower looks great!

Katherine said...

Oh, such a lovely flower! Very vintage in style, I think. I'm glad you saved it from being using as a coaster. Oi, men. LOL

Lucy said...

I like your flower better!!

Isn't that blog great? The must update it like 10 or 14 times a day!! I think if you post a tutorial on your blog, it may trigger something where they pick it up because they are always featuring tons of different crafters.

Have a great weekend!

Vallen said...

Your mad crochet skillz are awesome. THis is just so striking.


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