Thursday, April 03, 2008

Monkey Business

I've been monkeying around:

And she's coming along well. She is no longer naked but still without a face. Faces are important so I'm thinking on the best way to do it. Eyes are a cinch but the mouth? Priscilla had GIANT lips and while cute I think I can do better.

Still so much to do. I plan to lengthen the skirt, add some ribbons, crocheted flowers and seed pearls. (All of which I have already. Ahem JOOLZ.) and of course, give her a much needed tail and some shoes. Making the clothes is my favorite part. I just make them up as I go along. Crochet is fun like that. Knitting would take a bit more planning I think. Anyone have any other suggestions for monkey outfits?

So what about that giveaway I mentioned? Ah yes. The give away. The post will come tomorrow and I hope you like the small cache of goodies I've put together. My blogoversary is in two weeks and as I'll be away for one of those weeks the giveaway tomorrow is an early celebration.

Sweet Louie and I are off to The Coliseum tonight to see my beloved Rangers kick the stuffin' out of the Islanders.

Oh and VQ, this is for you:

Read more about my secret boyfriend here. ;)

Until tomorrow, sweets, Go Rangers!



Leigh Ann said...

Hockey?!? I never pegged you as a hockey gal. I'll have to tell Matt. He'll say he always knew he liked you! He played hockey with many NHL-ers in his day. It was his LIFE until he blew out his knee, poor baby.


Thimbleanna said...

Aaack! She's going to be so cute! I love her little dress! I have nothing to say about hockey. I'm hockey illiterate.

~Nancy~ said...

Oh my goodness! What a darling monkey! I love anything that resembles my old sock monkey from when I was a wee bit.
I have to tell you....when I saw her flirty dress, her sassy pose, I totally saw a little pink heart smooch. <3 With long curly eye lashes....sigh..a little pink heart with the perfect Cupid's bow.
Really...just "imagine" it. :0)

Kai said...

She's DARLING! And you meant BUSINESS about getting those WIPS finished! I need to run to catch up with you! My dolls are still HEADLESS! Yikes!!!! Can't wait to see that cutie-pie Miss Monkey completed!

Clementine & Mandarin said...

that miss monkey is freaking adorable! I love her flirty outfit! as for the beads and other eye making supplies, i got my eye on you! it better be stash stuff, i'm watching!

have a great time at the game tonight and have an extra hot dog for me. I love hot dogs, just haven't had any in years. mmmmm!

Clementine & Mandarin said...

i like the short skirt, very flirty and sassy. how bout some ruffled underpants thing. i remember my mom made me wear ruffled underpants with skirts in kindergarten.

Jane said...

I just love your monkeys! Before I was born someone made me a monkey out of a hounds tooth leisure suit. Well, I looooooved (and still do) that monkey. Lady Monkey as I called her slept with me until (ahem) after college! Your monkey is the same size and totally captures the spirit of Lady Monkey! Oh, yes, I agree with Clementine, Lady Monkey had bloomers!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see what sweet face you decide on!

hunnybunny said...

I have the same Monkey here, but Dora is naked. Now that I can crochet I should get on making her some clothes. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Christy said...

That monkey is SO cute! How about a crocheted Ranger's jersey for her?

Julie said...

She is so cute -- so is your secret boyfriend. Hubba hubba. Your monkey's dress looks like a skating outfit. Kind of fits the theme, eh?

Amy J said...

Hey, I just made a monkey like that. His name is Macchiatto Monkey. He has that same weird shaped head it's too long. But very cute and easy. My daughter just saw your little missy, and she's already got an order in for a pink on pink monkey, and now she's thinking her monkey will need a tutu. I'm thinking crocheted top with tulle attached in leaf shapes. Maybe even different colors! Ooo la la!!!

Amy J said...

Ha!! Just saw your April 1st post....yep, I used THAT exact pattern. I will have to get some pictures up on the blog. I also want to make that pig that is the next pattern in that book. I would name her Persnickety Pig. :)


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