Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blue Bird of Happiness

I cannot believe I let so much time go by before showing you this!

This sweet little bluebird landed at my home more than TWO weeks ago!

First she settled on the hobnail candlesticks.

But then flew over to the cake server where she still nests today:

Thank you, Kai, for such a sweet surprise! :)



Pearl Maple said...

Total cutie, thanks for sharing.

wayfarer said...

so cute! Love the ribbon touch on it too. :-)

Clementine & Mandarin said...

That is the cutest thing! Lucky girl! I'm on the bandwagon that everyone else seems to be on these days....little birdies! Remember those felts that we got the other weekend? well, that's what we're making! And yes, when I'm back from Mehico, knit night is on! Can't wait, it's been ages. See ya in a few hours!!!!!

Dita said...

That bird is sooooo cute!! I want one:)

Vallen said...

She even has those cute little birdie cheeks. I love the color.


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