Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome Wendy! and gettin' o'ganized

So my Hanging Hearts Swap partner has done it, she took the plunge and started her very own blog! Visit Wendy at Something for Sophie and welcome her to our happy bloggy family!

So . . . now that you've all visited Wendy let's talk about me. Ahem.

Look at my neatly organized craft desk! Now don't get too excited, the desk is currently covered in Valentine crafty things but still looks pretty good. The simple addition of that over the sink shelf from my kitchen really made a difference! I still need to go through all of that paper on the right there but let's not get crazy.

I also did some work on the ribbon drawer. I had so many scraps and half spools and I could never find anything I was looking for.

It was time consuming to rap all the ribbon around cardboard but I am happy with the result. Easy to see and find whatever I am looking for!

Next up, fabric! Wish me luck!



Leigh Ann said...

Good job! It looks great.


Lucy said...

Whooo hoooo--good for you, it looks wonderful! I wish i had the patience to organize my's a little overwhelming right now!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooohhhh, now we're expecting some major crafting out of you LOL! So sorry to have missed you tonight. Wouldn't you know it, I caught a break in the meeting and squeezed out of there just in time to hit Tinsel Trading just at closing. Would have been so fun to meet you there since you haven't been. It will happen SOME time -- good things come to those who wait ;-) !!!

Wendy said...

Thats quite a stash of ribbon!
Beautiful stuff! Your desk looks organized and ready to roll.... have fun making valentines!
Thanks for the intro - I'm having so much fun with this!
Thank you again, you have been wonderful!
Take Care,

Vallen said...

No stop, you're making me feel guilty. Ack I need to do exactly that - organize!! So glad you're back. It's not good for the wizardess to be gone for long. We miss you.

Christina said...

Nice work! Good luck with the fabric. :)

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

What a wonderful idea! Now I know what to do with my little bit (lotta bit) of ribbon.

ismoyo said...

Nice and organized! Great idea to put the sink shelf on your desk! I might go and do that too.

Kai said...

I love the idea of putting that sink shelf there! Brilliant! And your stash looks really gorgeous all neatly & beautifully displayed!

Jenn Maruska said...


Nice work!


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