Thursday, January 10, 2008


Seriously. I said I wasn't going to spend money this year and well . . . the clearance section at the Michaels got me again. In my defense I used a gift card which still has some funds on it.

Oh Martha, you slay me! Seriously. But what a wonderful palette, no? The rolls of paper are glassine, wrapping, vellum and tissue from the bottom up. Either $2.00 or $1.50. On the right: the recipes cards were $1 (I sent these in red to Breanna for the Sister Swap. I like that they fold over as I always run out of room when writing out a recipe!), the package behind that are memorabilia pockets for a scrapbook and were not on clearance but well, you know, I NEEDED them. Only $3 so okay. ;) The "specimen" boxes were $2 each, originally $9.99. They are hinged boxes with padded fabric inside and specimen pins to attach some thing. Not sure what I'm going to do but perhaps something from my wedding as they are pink and brown. And wouldn't that be a neat gift for someone? Ideas welcome! What would you make? The ribbon is actually ribbon tape (sticky back) and I can think of many uses for it, $2, and the kit is to make 3 lovely frames and was $5. I will probably frame photos for gits with these. So this was all under $20 and like I said, I used a gift card.

I'm very into these colors right now. Especially the soft pink. I about drooled all over the February Country Living that arrived in my box yesterday:

There's my combo of pink and brown! And hello, I want a cupcake. :) Love the little basket handle, too. Might have to steal that idea. So did I read the magazine? Um no. I haven't finished with January yet and like Leigh Ann I like to read things in order.

I'll share my seven random/strange facts tomorrow as I can't come up with any as I'm so very normal. ;) Off to a long day of CPR and first aid training!



VintageGirlatHeart said...

Don't ya just love the Martha goodies on Clearance???? You hit the jackpot!!!! Nothing like a deal to give you that shopping thrill!!!
I may have to run to Michael's today!!!
Have a fun day!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Gah. Too bad there will be none of those boxes at Michaels for me. (I think Martha clearance at our Michaels is snatched up by the employees.)

Breanna said...

Lucky you! I searched my Michael's earlier this week for Martha clearance, and couldn't find a single thing...

flanthrower said...

No worries my friend! You are completely forgiven! There is always some room for clearance Martha Stewart. :P

Christina said...

I love pink and brown together. Sigh.

Leigh Ann said...

OK, now I HAVE to check out Michaels today while the munchkins are in school.

Haha, you got me there. Not only do I have to read from front to back, I have to read in month order, too. That is why I have about six Redbooks sitting around in the "to be read" pile. :)

Those pink and brown boxes look good for the swap?!?!

Cheers! LA

Lucy said...

I saw a few of your finds at our Michael's and for some crazy reason I refrained. Drats. Now I'm kicking myself! LOVE Pink and Brown though...always will. I just finished reading the January issue of CL--can't wait to see this one. The cupcake idea looks wonderful.

Check out my post for a link that has random questions on it, it might help you with some new prompts for the 7 question meme!

Jenn Maruska said...

I just want a cupcake now.

Big time!

: D

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, don't be "hello I want a cupcake"-ing us little Missy! Hello, you live in the cupcake capitol of the world LOL! Get thee to Magnolia. And being the rabid Martha fan that you are, you must go to her show!!! (Sorry, I know, I'm lecturing LOL!)

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Ahhh Michaels' clearance..they get me every time too. And with Martha, it is all about the packaging. Awesome designers working for her!

My Country Living hasn't come in yet! I'll be waiting by the mailbox tommorrow. MMMMMmmmmm cupcakes sound great right now!

((((hugs)))))- Jenny

Heidi Ann said...

I get so jealous reading the blogs when I see that you all seem to receive your magazines in the mail so much earlier than me! Well, at least I know it's coming, and loved the sneak peek of another gorgeous cover from Country Living!

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Consider yourself lucky and very well disciplined to get out of Michael's with under $20 out of pocket (really less with the gift card taken into consideration). I, on the other hand, shelled out $60 today...but in my own defense, everything was so lovely, and most will be for gifts and there was tons of Martha, and, and, and.... :-) Up to this point, I had been so good, too. Believe it or not, this is the first I have bought of MS's things, though I have been ogling them for oh so very long.

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing that picture. I actually have some of that silver stuff! I could (for once) actually make those!

CalicoDaisy said...

I received my Country Living last week. Just in time for me to create a couple of swap items. The cover is very inspiring. I was just asking my swap partner about how to make crepe paper ruffles best (I'm new at paper art), and she had good directions. Then, somehow I followed a link to you, and now I have the pictures, too! Thanks for the great explanation and pictures. -- Michele


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