Friday, January 11, 2008

Seven Somethings

So I was tagged by Tamy and Michelle to tell 7 somethings about me. So in no particular order . . .

1) In a creative writing class in college we had to choose a pen name and would be called that for the semester but our odd but fairly likable teacher. I chose Rebecca Dusquesne. We had just studied Fort Duquesne in another class and I thought it sounded so exotic! I changed the spelling a bit and voila! I had a pen name. Those of you who have seen my email address will notice that I still use Dusquesne to this very day. :)

2) I am a certified massage therapist. I specialized in sports massage (rotation disorder) and had wonderful day dreams of working with the US Olympic speed skating team in Torino in 2006. Instead of furthering my career in Utah where the team practices I moved to New York City where I met my future husband 6 weeks after I got here. Sometimes I still think about being a therapist but I'm happy with the decision I made. Now if Major League Baseball calls and needs my services we'll just have to see what happens . . .

3) I took classical voice lessons for many years. I am known to burst out into "Nel Cor Pia Non Mi Sento**" after too many glasses of wine.

4) My husband calls me "squab head" anytime I wear a hood. He says my head is way too small for my body. That's only because his head is the size of a medicine ball.

5) I almost moved to Auckland, New Zealand and while researching working abroad made friends with a man who worked for the NZ visa department. He told me to learn Japanese so I could prove I had a marketable skill in the tourist areas. He also sent me pictures of him and his dog running in a field. Hmmm.

6) If you Google me I'm a make up artist, an insurance broker and a woman who owns a Welsh Corgi with degenerative bone disease.

7) I worked in the music industry for 9 years. I ranged from record store employee to advertising manager. After that I was so sick of "popular" music that I turned on the oldies station and never looked back. To this day I have no idea what music is "in" unless I hear it on a commercial.

So there you go. Still want to read my blog? LOL

I think everyone has been tagged so I'll skip that. :)

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! I hope to share some crafty goodies next week!

~ Rebecca

** - Nel Cor Pia Non Mi Sento basically translates to "pity me because I'm so very sad" LOL


Thimbleanna said...

Well, here's what's running through my imigination: you massaging my shoulders in the middle of the PATH station while you're belting out Nel Cor Pia Non Mi Sento HAHAHA!!! (Ok, that wouldn't really work, 'cause I don't like massages ;-( ) What a great fun list! Can't wait to hear more fun details behind some of these!

Heidi said...

Oh man, I wish you and your magic fingers were here today! I coughed this morning (still getting over the stupid cold) and pulled something massive in my left shoulder. My fingers were tingling, even. What a dumb way to hurt oneself!

I had wondered about your email address! Now I know the truth, LOL. I love your random things. Man, you are interesting! :)

Lucy said...

You definitely are interesting: a singer, a massager, a music industry mogul, makeup artist, insurance agent and writer ;)! I think the man from New Zealand was definitely hitting on you!

Leigh Ann said...

You crack me up!

You know I'd be your "assistant" if MLB ever calls.......

LA xo

Vallen said...

If you get to choose your baseball team - pick the SF Giants. Remember how cool our park is and it's only a short train ride away to visit. You are one spectacular lady, all the things you've done and know how to do. I'm so glad you are a friend of mine.


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