Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New You . . .

Happy New Year! My holidays were filled with family, friends and fun and they went much to fast. So now it's that time of year to make resolutions that I promise to keep this time. I WILL get healthy. I WILL get organized. Those are the two big ones. I feel like I'm losing myself in the hustle bustle of my life and need to get back on track. I have loads of smaller resolutions as well like sticking to a budget, using more moisturizer and learning a new skill. Anyone else out there making resolutions?

Now that's it's January I am roaring to get a move on to all those projects on the January List. Once I get my house in order (decorations away, cleaning done) I plan to dig in deep in my craft room. It's a mess. And I am not exaggerating. My 10 year old niece opened the door and said "WHOA." So you know it's bad. Anyone who has any unique storage ideas please send them my way. I'm working with a smallish room (maybe 12 X 10) with no closet and one wall that has a radiator and window. I have two desks, two bookcases, yarn cubes and a small sewing table. I need some serious help! :)

Sweet Louie gave me a new camera for Christmas! It's a Canon Elph SD950 and has all sorts of fancy features I have yet to understand. I should probably read the book. :) And what do you think the first picture I took was of? My dear husband? My sweet doggies? My family? Um no.

It was of cupcakes. I just thought they were so pretty. Want to see them close up?

See the sparkly sugar? I guess that is what 12 mega pixels will do for you. So my 2nd picture was also of cupcakes. What a crazy lady. And speaking of cupcakes . . .

Seems to be a bit of a theme, hmmm . . . Maybe I should call this blog Thrifty Cupcakes or Cupcakey Goodness? The cupcake sippie cup and tea towel are from Target from their Valentine's Day line. I went on the day after Christmas for our annual sale hopping and couldn't resist them. (I was in shopping mode!) The stuffed cupcake is an ornament I found at JC Penny of all places for 70% off. Too cute to put away for next Christmas don't you think? I got some other things at Target like two table cloths, some napkins, an apron and some rag rugs I plan to use on the porch. They were with the Christmas stuff but are blue and brown. Perfect as they were only $4 each. :)

I also hit the Macy's to prowl the Martha Ornaments. I got a few small glittered houses and some of those elves made from pine cones. Also got a Santa tree topper. Everything was 75% off. I picked up these as well:

The top one is a box and the smaller ones are flat ornaments. I also plan to leave these out and think I'll hang them on my Easter tree.

Next stop? Michaels to dig for half price Martha craft goods:

I tried to pick up things that I could use now like the wrapping paper, rick rack and those cute treat houses which I plan to use for Easter. The ornament kit, glitter card kit and an advent house kit (not shown) will go away for next year and we'll see what projects I can use that glitter on.

So good thing I put myself on a budget AFTER this shopping trip, right? :) I also did some thrifting while in Baltimore but don't have much to show. I'll share those small finds later this week.

So now that I've gotten all my babbling out and shared my treasures with you I'm off to talk myself INTO going to the gym today. Time to get started on the new me. ;)



Jane said...

Welcome back and happy new year! We have a big family gathering the day after Christmas so I always miss the sales. I bet the Martha stuff is gone by now.

The cupcakes are awesome! I have camera envy!

Christina said...

You found some great stuff! Good luck attaining all of your goals. :)

Breanna said...

Happy New Year! Everything looks so pretty... Good luck at the gym! I am going today too, for the first time in 10 years. I'm a little nervous, but we can do it, right?

Jada2929 said...

Fun, a new camera!
Good luck on your resolutions. This is an awesome post on sewing room organization. It might take awhile to look through but there are some great ideas for small spaces.

Sarah and Jack said...

Gah, I am jealous. I loved that martha stuff so freaking much and I didn't buy a single solitary piece of it.

Happy New Year!

Leigh Ann said...

Happy, happy 2008!

Love your cupcake goodness.

Cheers! LA

Roxanne said...

Happy new year! Good luck with your resolutions! Your pictures look awesome with your new camera.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Wow!! Looks like you had a grand time shopping and found lots of goodies. Love the cupcake stuff at Target.

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh new camera goodness!!! I agree with roxanne - your new photos are fabulous (we can see all those sparkly little sugar crystals!)

I wish you a fabulous New Year, filled with happiness and soft skin (haha!)

: D

Christy said...

Love the cupcakes and the butterflies!

I'm in a similar boat with the craft supply organization. I've got half a closet in the spare room to store it all in. When my Mom came to visit, I had to shove eveything into stacked cardboard boxes to keep it all from tumbling out!

Vallen said...

I just plain missed you. Glad you had a good time and I'm glad you're home. Cool cupcakes!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- you're my shopping idol LOL! Great job. And those cupcakes -- they look awesome -- did you make them??? Too cute! I can see I need to make a Target run myself. BTW, guess what??? We got a little call today and the problem should be solved by Monday -- they found the lost, ahem, "package" LOL. Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!!!!

kate2633 said...

Good luck on your resolutions! I have similar ones. I have some ideas for your craft room. You could have your Dad built a register cover (they are always doing it on HGTV). You'll have a nice shelf to display your crafts and it can still breathe to provide heat. Regarding other organization, try Target for their standing wall unit that has the can buy a set of six fabric drawers that you can label ( and more importantly...hide stuff). You don't have to use all the cubbies for storage could display items or store stand-alone items. Love the camera...the big question were the good as they look! LOL :-)

Michelle said...

Please can I come and live with you?! I promise I would not drop one cupcake crumb!
I love your blog and Im new to blogging myself, Ive been tagged so Im tagging you! List 7 weird/random facts about yourself, see my blog for details!! xx


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