Friday, May 11, 2007


My work week is over, let the fun begin! Before I get to the sappy stuff (you knew there was some coming didn't you?) let me share the ATC I made for Roxanne:

I had so much fun putting this together. Mounting it on the plaque was Leigh Ann's idea and it worked perfectly! You can see a way better picture of it here at Roxanne's place. It's not very big, maybe 5 X 7 but it has big moxy! Who doesn't love glitter?

You can see here how small my other collage is in comparison. I had a really hard time sending it away but I'm so glad I did. :) (So add to my list of craft dsyfunctionalities: Swap Greed)

I also included some of my new Whimsy Clips:

They are the large size paper clips topped with buttons and other Goodness. I plan to whip up a few more sets for the shop this weekend. I think they turned out so cute! I backed them with regular white buttons dug from my Grandmother's stash.

And now onto the mushy part . . .

My Mom and I have always been friends. I know how lucky I am. I get my craftiness from her and my pack rat gene. I also have her skin which I am eternally grateful for considering the lack of pimples in my life. I speak to her almost every day and invite her on vacation with me. She throws the best parties. I hope when I become a mother my kids will be as fond of me as I am of her. I should be so lucky. :)

Happy Mother's Day, to you Mom and to all of the other cherished Mothers out there.



Heidi said...

What a gorgeous photo of you and your sweet Mom. :)

Roxanne said...

I agree, that is a beautiful picture of you and your mom. Thanks again for the awesome ATC! I now have new found respect for those plaques I always see in thrift stores...who knew they could become something so beautiful. THANK YOU!!

Leigh Ann said...

Awwwwwwww, sniff, sniff. You and your mom look like two peas in a pod. I can't wait to meet her someday. I know your kids will think you rock.

LA xo

em said...

I love the mounted ATC. Things with fanciful wings always make me feel warm and fuzzy!

That's a lovely photo of you and your mom and you look beautiful!

Bee said...

Both pictures with your Mom are adorable. You look like a cheeky wee thing! Is you mom doing your hair? The collages are great.

Lucy said...

I love the collage, too...and it's great that you found such a lovely way to repurpose a thrifty item! Definitely lotsa moxy!

Sweet words about your Mom, and I agree with Leighann, your children will adore you, could they not? Beautiful photo of you and your dear Mother :)


Jenn Maruska said...

What lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them : )

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Your ATC's are really beautiful! You are one talented lady! And your mom is lucky to have a daughter as sweet as you! ((((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Love the atc, girl! And I adore the packaging on your whimsy clips! Very smashing picture of you and mum at your stunning wedding!

Thrift Shop Romantic said...

You've done some just beautiful collages... I can see where they would be hard to part with!


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