Friday, May 18, 2007

Revin' Up My Engine

This weekend I will not only finish two of three upcoming swaps but also a rag rug, a knitted project AND clean the entire house. Are you rolling on the floor laughing yet?

Seriously, I am psyching myself up for some serious digging in this weekend and I plan to emerge victorious with a house that smells like lemons and bleach and some swap packages ready to go to the post office! Okay, let's just say I'll be happy to at least complete the major home made portions of those swaps so as to get them in the mail by the end of May. Good goals right? So send me caffeinated jou-jou and I'll be on my way. :)

Aside from Crafty Cleany Fest 2007 I'll have a fun night tonight at the Mets game with Leigh Ann and her DH. It's the first time "the men" are going to meet and they better damn well like each other or else . . . ;) I'm actually not that worried. So as I'm greedy could you also send me some "rain rain go away" jou-jou and some "Mets whoopin' some Yankee tail" jou-jou while you're at it?


I had the most wonderful surprise when I got home on Wednesday. There was a box for me and inside was this:

Isn't it GORGEOUS?? It's a big one, too. It was a total surprise gifting from Ms. A! How sweet! Thank you so so much. :)

Can you see what's embossed on the cover?

Yep, that's a collie. Just like Sweet Mason. I intend to full fill Ms. A's request that I fill this with wonderful black and white photos of my dear sweet boy. :) Thank you again!


In swap news, Sweet Goodness Swaps is almost ready to present the next swap. Hop on over for a clue and stay tuned for more details!


And in drool worthy news, please go HERE and see the most adorable tea towel turned purse that I covet!

Have a fabulous weekend!



Katie Jean said...

sooooo jealous you're going to the game! Although I am routing for my yanks! I'm hopefully going to the game in june! whoo hooo

here's wishing you good luck on all your projects this weekend, I think I need some too!

Ms. A said...

kj... our Yanks have gotten off to a might disappointing start!!!

R -- I knew you and Mason would benefit the most from this very old book. My guess is that this scrapbook was from the 40's. The aroma of age and the frailty of the paper more than gives that away.

Now that we have a German Shepherd in our home, having a collie scrap book didn't make much sense. You *deserve* it because you'll put it to the best use... and Mason will grace it's pages beautifully.

Sarah and Jack said...

The scrapbook is awesome.

Cannot help on the baseball front, we are Cardinals diehards over here.LOL

Chris said...

How about some Red Sox whoop the Yankees jou-jou!

Lauren said...

Go Red Sox, it's your birthday...

any one but the Yankees!!!

Jou-jou heading your way....

Susan said...

Have fun at the ballgame! (Be sure to dress's chilly!)

Jane said...

Go Mets! I am so looking forward to the next swap and I have finally hit the thrift store/ grage sale groove after a few months of disapointment!

Susan said...

How was the game? (By the way, I hope you don't mind that I tagged you today!)

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

GORGEOUS scrapbook! And I love hearing about your plans for the weekend! Hope you get a bit of rest somewhere in there too :-)

SLB said...

BK (okay, RR) -- I saw that tea towel purse, which was awesome, and I know you could do one just as fantastic when you finish your other projects in the queue.

breanna said...

I bet that Mets game was a blast! Did you get all of your projects completed? If you did, maybe you could post a tutorial. I sure could use some pointers in the efficiency and determination department!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a wonderful scrapbook! How fun that you have met Leigh Ann! I did a wonderful swap with her a little while ago, and what a sweetie she is! I hear your Mets beat the Yankeed good! We play them for the next few nights in NY - fingers crossed! =)

Leigh Ann said...

Yankees suck! And the men did get along! So, all-in-all, we had a great night! :)

Jammy said...

I did spring cleaning really early this year, but I could stand to do it again....LOL I need to start packing up things I can live without for awhile (we will be moving in a couple months), and discard what I do not need. The simpler the better, and the lighter!!! Always a plus when moving day rolls around.

Can't wait for the next swap!!


jungle dream pagoda said...

That scrapbook is wonderful!!! Yes that tea-towel purse is soooooo cute!
I am just coming up for air on a jam-packed week myself. My script is sugar-free Redbull


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