Monday, May 14, 2007

Craftus Moritorio

Yes, I am now making up faux Latin words. If J.K. Rowling can do it, than so can I. Basically that means NO MORE CRAFT SUPPLIES! * I am just going to use what I have and we'll see what comes of it. I'm pretty well stocked so I'm not that worried.

Saturday was lovely. Leigh Ann and I shopped our little hearts out. Many thrifted and new treasures a like were brought home to our nests. Here is a minimal glimpse:

It doesn't look like much but I was very pleased! Those books were 10 cents each! The poetry book alone was worth the trip. It's a teachers edition from 1953 and has the most darling drawings. I still need to photo a few other things I've found but my camera conveniently died last night. Plus there are a few things that I cannot share as they will end up in some upcoming swaps and I don't want to spoil the fun.

Speaking of swaps, have you signed up for Risa's Tea ParTea Swap? It looks to be a load of fun and again has a theme where you must match items to the letters in PARTEA. :) The sign up deadline is May 19th so get a move on! Go here for details.

And speaking of tea . . . since my gumption this weekend seemed to consist mostly on sitting on the sofa all I really did craft wise was crochet. I made this cute little cozy for a one pot tea pot I found on Saturday:

Cute and easy and it was fun to make it up as I went a long. Of course now I'm on the look out for more little tea pots so I can make up a few of these babies for the shop.

And speaking of the shop . . . (don't you love my smart way of changing the subject??) . . . we have a new Goodness Girl! Dita has joined my sister and I and posted some of her wares for sale. She makes the most delicious candles with soy wax and the best vanilla you have ever smelled. Seriously. And I'm a bit of a candle snob so you can take my word for it. She also makes cute crocheted clutch bags. At this time she does not have a blog but maybe a little encouragement will convince her to start one up. Come on, Dita, you can do it!

That's it for me today. I hope to have some new crafts to share this week now that I've gotten a bit of the coach potato-itis out of my system. I'm off to catch up on everything you guys have been doing.


* you knew there would be an exception didn't you? The only exception is those things found at the thrift store that can be put into imediate use.


Erin Earls said...

That tea cozy is the cutest! Love it!! What great finds! I love things like that!

Lucy said...

I love the cozy, too--great idea! I like your justification for thrifting ;) Shara is having a "junk" swap, a pure swap, no purchase to be made as part of use what you have month....check that out (you do get junk in exchange for junk, but it's new to you!
Yay for Dita joining the Goodness Girl club, I do like soy candles and vanilla is one of my fav comfort scents--should be great sellers!

Jennifer said...

Ah - you are braver than me, setting out the no new craft supply restriction. Good luck!

Love the cozy!

Vallen said...

I'm going to join you in the moritorium right after the huge rummage sale this weekend. Promise!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Speaking of crafting, have I seen the finished rag rug yet? LOL

Katie Jean said...

I am so with you on the "use what you have"! I have so much fabric and I think if I bring anymore home, my husband will throw me (or the fabric) out the door!

And .10 each for the books? I would've bought them too!

Heidi said...

Oh, Richard Scarry's "Gingerbread Man." I'd buy that if you put in the shop. You have great thrifting luck. I'd join you in the "use what you have" but I've already been doing it for a few months now. Gotta make room in my closets!

Leigh Ann said...

OK, girl, I'm with you (though I did buy some paper today......wait, that was because we didn't make it to the scrapbook store on Saturday!) :)

The cozy is too cute for words. Now I'll be on the lookout for small pots.

LA xo

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love your collage ,from the last post,,and you have won my 100 post celebration,I ADORED your Haiku!
I know I have it somewhere but could you e-mail your address?

monique said...

What a beautiful tea cozy you made!
You have found some lovely thrifted things.
I received a lovely smelling tea cup candle made by Dita and indeed they smell so WONDERFUL!

The ParTea said...

'kay, you know I'm lovin' the cozy! Muy cute!

Anonymous said...

That cozy is adorable!
What what, you have bingo cards for me? Awwwww! I'll send you my firstborn, k? She's pretty easy to take care of. She likes to shop, eat, watch movies and yakk on the phone and on the puter.
Did I mention she has a hollow leg? The girl can EAT and I don't know where it goes cuz she's teeny.

breanna said...

Love the tea cozy! I wish I had paid more attention when my grandmother was trying to teach me to crochet. I am with you on the no shopping thing. I have given up retail shopping, out of necessity. I haven't even seen Martha Stewart's new line yet!

Roxanne said...

Love the use what you have thing...I try to do this when I can (hence the quilt). I have way too much stuff, gotta get rid of it! I'm with ya on this one!!


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