Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Want a Button? Get a Button!

We have a BUTTON! Thanks to Angie and Elia here it is:

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So stinkin' cute! Now I think you all can just snatch it from here and run with it no? Just in case, here is the URL. I'm so not tech savvy so if this is not the way to share a button. Please enlighten me.

We had two more people join the swap, Raesha & Maureen. Welcome! I am so happy that we have so many new names on the list AND many of the wonderful participants from the last swap as well. Becoming a craft blogger has been incredibly rewarding for me. Okay now I'm getting misty LOL!

In sewing machine news, Luis was able to get his money back from Target for the broken Euro Pro. Sarah mentioned that I should look into a Bernina. I know NOTHING about sewing machines so any advice you have to share would be more than appreciated!

If you haven't yet signed up for the swap and would like to, today is the deadline! :) Lucy and I will match everyone up and each post the lists on our blogs soon.

Have a wonderful day!



Laurie said...

Sign me up, too, please. :-)

Chris said...

I have a Bernina and love it but be warned-they are expensive. But worth it in my opinion. It's the last machine I'll ever buy.

Thistledew said...

Sign me up too, please.

VaxGirl said...

Good news about the sewing machine. I will try to get over my swap phobia in time for the next one.

Bee said...

Happy New Year!

I bought a Janome a year ago and I am very happy with it. I'm sorry your new machine was not a good experience. I've not heard of many of the brands you have available in the US. Google the name of any machine you are interested in and you will find comments others have made on them on sewing forums. I found that helped me.

AnastasiaC said...

Id love to join in too! do you allow gals from overseas??

plongstocking said...

This sounds like a fun swap! I can do this one! sign me up too please.

I have a Janome too. I really like it. It's my first 'good' sewing machine.

Heidi said...

Can I ask a stupid question? How do you put a button in your sidebar?

Mom said...

Is it really too late for the swap? I just found out about it! If it is too late, oh well, but if I managed to squeeze in then count me in please!


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