Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gettin' Down with Pink & Brown

WOW! I am overwhelmed with all the response we've had to the P&B swap! Yeah! I feel like a real blogger now. You know, except for the fact that I'm lucky to find a few minutes to post each day. Ugh. Things are a bit hectic for me to say the least. The wedding is growing ever closer and my job has become overly demanding all of a sudden. Please wish me luck that I don't lose ALL of my marbles.

So first, let's talk swap. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up. We have had such a great response! Here is updated list of participants:

Heidi (Spiritual Knitter)
Laura W (got your email thanks!)
Heather (please get in touch to confirm if you'd like to participate!)
Tia (who doesn't have a blog but you can click on her name to see some of her wonderful crafts!) Chris

Including me that's 23 people! What a great turn out. If I've missed anyone please let me know. We'll be matching everyone up randomly and sending you your swap partners email to exchange addresses by the end of the week. (Hopefully sooner!) So if you haven't yet sent me or Lucy an email address please do so!

I haven't been crafting much except for the swap so I don't have much to share. I did get a good amount of thrifting in over the holidays but due to space restrictions had to leave most of it in Baltimore until I return this weekend. One thing I did find and LOVE is this vintage (I think?) Ann Klein table cloth:

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It's oval and very sassy. I paid a whoppin' $3 for it. I might put it on my square table anyway. :)

I promise to try to visit your blogs more often this week. I've been lurking on some where I normally post so know that I am still in awe of your Thrifty (and crafty!) Goodness.

Cheers - Rebecca


Jodi Ohl said...

I thought it was supposed to slow down after the holidays but it's busy as ever here, too! You of course must be swamped with pre-wedding to do's!

I have heard from Heather and Diane and they both will NOT be able to participate, which is too bad but on the other hand, WOW, what a turn out even despite our loss of two people!! Looking forward to a great swap and all the excitement around it!!


Raesha D said...

I would LOVE to participate!!! My email is raeshadrz at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!!!

Jane said...

Hang in there! I know wedding stress very well. I was finishing my masters, teaching a new grade + and adult ed class, and preparing to move across country in the months before my wedding. Honestly it was too much. But I did survive and it was seriously a wonderful day. All the little personal touches that we (I) did paid off to making our wedding ours. It really was worth all the effort and the stress.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Hey girl if you dont have time or cant get the button to work, you can send people over to my blog & copy & paste it if they like!

Sue said...

you're doing a great job. Whats the update with the sewing machine. To have mine serviced it has to go 300miles away. Its like loosing your arm.cheers sue

RaNae @EweCreekCottage said...

Rebecca-Love your Dresses, Hope your finger is feeling better, great score on the table cloth and am excited about the swap.


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