Thursday, January 18, 2007


I went back and forth on what favors to make. I love favors and figured this was a great way to express my creativity. For a long time I was set on these and hunted down brioche cups and old fashioned candy. Then of course I changed my mind. One hundred times. I finally settled on one of my favorite candies, Ferrero Rocher. And hey, it's Italian which is part of my theme anyway. Oh did I tell you there was a theme? Since the Neopolitan colors of pink, brown and white remind me of sweets (and are named for the fabulous Naples, Italy), the theme is La Vita Dolce. Hence the Italian candy and the candy bar. Oh boy the sugar overload!

So here is the favor:

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The box is 2 inches square and has a piece of paper wrapped around it. The ribbon and the thank you charms both came from Michaels and I cut the candy shapes with my Sizzix machine.

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All the papers are different and are of course a lovely pink and/or brown. tucked inside are some pink shreds and 2 yummy Ferrero Rocher candies! It's pretty typical as far as favors go but I'm happy. Anyone see any really unusual favors in your travels??

I'm also making a great cake shaped card box and hope to take some pictures when I'm back in Baltimore next weekend. Mom and I also made cute carry out boxes for the candy bar that I'll photograph as well.

By the way, be sure to let Lucy and I know if you haven't heard from your swap partners yet. At this point everyone should have reached out to say hello and exchange addresses. I can't wait to see everyone's goodies!



Heidi said...

Wow, those are adorable. And they look labor intensive too. How many do you have to make? I wasn't going to do favors, as we were having a low-frills wedding (comparatively speaking), but then since my centerpieces were terra cotta pots (painted with fall leaves and containing mums--$1.99 each at Home Depot!) I got those little mini terra cotta pots, did the leaf motif and filled them with assorted candy (Hershey Kisses, peanut butter cups, etc) that were wrapped in fall theme foils.

Jen said...

wow they look awesome!!!!!

Jane said...

The favors look awesome! They look like a labor of love. When I had my wedding it was all the small touches that shared our personalities that people commented on. One wedding place to another, there aren't that many differences. It is the details that make a wedding different. Your theme will really stand out on the tables with those pretty boxes. So they count as table decorations too!

Sue said...

so cute..I love the colours and am thoughly enjoying the swap

Lucy said...

I love your theme, and of course the colors are yummy! I think you did a great job. I like the idea of a cake shaped card box. You must take pictures!

I'll do a post tonite to remind everyone to check in as well, have a great weekend.


Chris said...

Those are so cute! You're going to be a busy girl. That's coming from a woman who was the mother of the bride not too long ago. Have fun!

Colleen said...

Hi Rebecca-I'm tagging you! Visit my blog for details. I know you are a busy lady, so don't worry about it if you don't have time.

I'm really enjoying your blog. The favors are so cute!

stellarjoolz said...

Those are so cute! How many do you have to do? Let me know if you want some help with them. Might be a fun excuse to hit up your wine fridge.

Anonymous said...

Pink and brown! How adorable!


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