Friday, January 26, 2007

One Woman's Obsession

First off, HELLO! I know, I've been a crappy blogger lately. I went out of town for work for a few days and then got sick. Not a fun week for me to say the least. I would LOVE to show you the wonderful things I made yesterday from my sick bed but I don't want to spoil my pink and brown surprise for Peta. :) So instead, I thought I'd give you a little peek inside my cupboards . . .

Cabinet Number 1

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Does one woman NEED all this crap? I buy up every "neat" piece of glassware I can find. (And you know that stuff on the top shelf doesn't out much.) You can see my mini collection of refridgerator dishes (and Vaxgirl better not invite me to her house again or I'll be trying to steal this little brown one she found.)

Cabinet Number 2

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You didn't think it could get worse, did you? See those glasses on the bottom right? The ones with the "R" on them? Yeah, I buy them everytime I see them as the R is both for Rebecca AND Restrepo (my soon to be new last name.) And if you look way at the top you'll see those fab champagne glasses I talked about last time. And that blue cake stand would be cake stand NUMBER FIVE. Again I ask WHY?

Kitchen Cart

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You'll see my new favorite creamer and sugar set there on the left and my favorite "chef's bowls" of which I think I have every imaginable size. You'd think I would bake more, wouldn't you?

I have the storage space, as you can see, because my kitchen ceiling is 10 feet up. We had the cabinets custom made so they extend all the way to the ceiling. I need a step ladder JUST to reach the second shelf! I do think it's high time I went through what I have and see what needs to stay and what goes back to the thrift store. I know I should get on Ebay one of these days with some of my more interesting pieces and maybe after the wedding I'll jump into that idea.

So I guess now I've thrown down the gauntlet for all of you to open your cupboards and show the blogosphere your obsessions.



RaNae said...

Hi there Rebecca I have been working on my craft project for Pongstocking and am so excited. U sure do have alot of glass and have inspired me to share my obsessions I hope to by the end of the day. I would have to say mine is items for craft projects that I never start LOL my office/craft room and closet are a mess filled with to do projects and dh is starting to get perterbed LOL.
TTYS have a great weekend.
Have fun swappers!!

Sarah and Jack said...

I have to laugh, because I also have 4 or 5 cake plates. I do use them though! Hope you are feeling better!

Chris said...

I have a lot of those refridgerator dishes too. In fact I think I have one that matches-the which and turquoise one. I'll have to take you up on the challenge and throw open my cabinets for all to see.

Lucy said...

This sounds like a triple dog dare!

My cupboards aren't that interesting but I am starting to get a collection of pie plates that I'm wondering when if ever I will use them. I haven't made a pie in over a


Heidi said...

Um, I just bought ANOTHER cake plate at a thrift yesterday! That makes oh, an even 10 for me. It's a sickness, I tell you!

Christy said...

Love the blue cake stand Rebecca. Personally, I only have one cake stand. Evidently, books are my current obsession. I bought 9 books at a thrift sit on the shelf with the other 40 I've bought recently and need to read!

Bee said...

I NEVER see cake stands when thrifting and now I'm wanting one... or maybe five....

I'm also looking at your neat cupboards thinking "girl, you could shift those shelves and squeeze another layer in there"

VaxGirl said...

hmmm, interesting challenge, (runs off to see if cabinets are presentable)...

Peta said...

Yeah, I am thinking you could fit WHOLE lot more in there!
Hope you are feeling better and I am so excited to see what you were making me!
I sent your parcel today, I hope you like everything!

Colleen said...

The day after I read this post, I went to a moving sale and found 2 cake plates. It was fate!

Monica said...

Oh My My cabinets are WAY over loaded and I cant even cook!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Us women really do need that much kitchen stuff! Even if we don't (cough) use it (cough cough) - it's still pretty to look at right? So in an ackward kind of way, it's art. Kitchen art. Mmhmm. That's my story anyways.


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