Monday, January 22, 2007

Some Uninspired Thrifting

You know when you sit in the thrift store hemming and hawing over whether or not to buy things that you're really not into it. I mean when you are in the ZONE you can assure yourself that you can use whatever it is you find or sell it on EBay. None of this - should I get it? Do I need it? crap.

Anyway, I hit the Savers yesterday and here is the relatively uninspiring haul:

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(Pardon my borderline nauseating picture)

wire basket - $2 - very shabby chic in my opinion, it's actually ivory in color.

highball glass - 69 cents - I love vintagey bar ware

blue velvet purse - $2 - for a little girl and so so cute! Tags still on to boot. Going in the gift stash for Luis' neice (if I don't keep it myself ha ha)

white candle plate - $2 - I guess it's for a candle, it says Italy on the back

champagne glasses - 69 cents each - these have a story which is why this thrift day is only relatively uninspiring . . .

Luis' mother passed away before he and I met. Marleny La Rota Restrepo was a single mother who had her only child at 37. She lived in Queens (in the house Luis and I live in now) and worked hard to support herself and Luis. She passed away in September of 2000 after a battle with esophagal cancer. Marleny never smoked a day in her life but did work around some pretty harsh chemicals as one of her many jobs was cleaning offices. Luis, being a typical guy, didn't really keep many of his mother's things. I did find some pictures and letters and some household items in the basement including a near complete set of the above champagne glasses. There were 7 of the champagne glasses and 8 small wine glasses in the same pattern. You can sort of see them here in this uninspiring picture:

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So anyway it was kind of nice to stumble across not just one but FIVE additional champagne glasses especially since to my memory I have never seen this pattern before. Now we have 12 which is exactly the number of china place settings I inherited from my Grandmother. China Pattern: Mikasa Adrienne incase you ever come across it. ;)

Also, if anyone recognizes the champagne glass pattern please let me know. It's a gold rim with circles in the it and it's blue along the inside. This is the best close up I could get:

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Leigh Ann said...

Fun finding your sight. I went to my first Savers last week in Hempstead and was happy with what I found. It would be worth a trip back for me.

I'm bummed I missed the pink and brown swap. I love color swaps! Can't wait to see what y'all get.

Cheers! LA

Jane said...

What is Savers? Is it like Good Will? I have yet to find anything that nice at any of the 1/2 dozen or so Good Will places near me. The search will continue tho ...

VaxGirl said...

Ooo, great find to match the glasses!

Jane, Savers is a chain of thrift shops, privately run-but they usually benefit a local charity.

stellarjoolz said...

Everytime I hear the story of Luis's mom, I choke up a bit.

I like the champagne glasses. Very pretty!

Peta said...

I will definitely look out for that china pattern for you. Have you looked on ebay?
Love that you found those glasses to add to mum in laws set.

Heidi said...

Love those glasses! So pretty. Know what you mean about uninspired thrifting--sometimes I get Empty Hand Syndrome (can't stand to have empty hands!) but I think you bought some great stuff!

I'll keep an eye out for that china!

jungle dream pagoda said...

It was kismet on the champagne glasses. I love that you found them.

Lucy said...

I'm glad you found some gems among the uninspired thrift trip this weekend. I have had several of those lately...wahhh.


Anonymous said...

Those are pretty little glasses! Lucky you, that's one thing I can never find (pretty glasses) on my thrifting adventures. However I made out with a good ol' stash today at our Value Village! AND even more pink/brown thingies for my partner - score! I'll have to post pics of my goodies tomorrow.


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