Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Return of the Queen

Hello! Yes I'm back. Finally. Things are oh so hectic for me lately but I won't bore you with details. I see that dearest Lucy posted the swap partners over at Sweet Repeats! Three cheers for her and her wonderful organizational skills. :) I am thrilled that my partner is the ever fabulous Peta! So swappers, please reach out to your amazing partners and let the swapping begin! (and dear Jen, please know that Lucy will be in touch soon with partner info!) If you haven;'t heard from your partner yet, drop me a line!

So, what did I do this weekend? I had a wonderful bridal shower thrown by my sister and mom and all my good girls. I'll talk more about that once I have some pictures to share. I also, of course, managed to sneak in some thrifting while in Baltimore:

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Crossword Cubes by Scrabble - $1.50 - the date on this is 1968 and the lady on the front made me think that it would be a totally enthralling game!

gold basket - $1 - love the shape

blue & what table cloth - $1.50 - I adore all things blue and white and particularly the little Dutch people on this cloth.

plaid placements by Martha Stewart - $2 for 3 - it's Martha, what can I say?

yellow bundt cupcake pan - $1 - how could anyone not buy this?

white towel with lace - $1 - looks brand new and oh so shabby chic, doncha think?

floral/yellow dish towel - 45 cents - love these waffle weave towels!

seashell planter/dish thing - $1 - this is probably from the dollar store but I like it anyway. My porch has a beach theme.

wooden boat - $1 - something else for the beachy porch

shot glass with limes - 45 cents - one of my favorite things found but when I washed this all the paint on the limes came off! :(

sugar bowl & creamer - $4 - I LOVE THIS. Want to see a close up?

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Oh yes, I am quite fond of this set. :)

It was so nice to get my thrift on. I also MAY have found something for the pink and brown swap hmmm . . .

Tomorrow, I'll share my favors. I know you're the edge of your seats. :)




Meredith said...

I've bought mini-Bundts before, but I've yet to find a cupcake size--and in my favorite yellow! If you don't bake often, the small bundts are great for soap molds as well.

Sarah and Jack said...

The little bundt pan is so cute! I also had some christmas glasses with paint on them, and when they got condensation on them, the paint runs. :-/ NOT a good thing.

Lucy said...

Glad you are back!!! You certainly picked up some major deals!! I love sugar and creamer sets, too. I wonder if the vintage game is worth any money? Ebay?

Well as far as the organization skills, you get what you pay for..LOL....I'm sorry to the JEN's that I got confused and confused again on!!! I think we have it all worked out now, if not, let me know! Happy swapping everyone!


Jen said...

She contacted me, Thanks so much:) Love the yellow cupcake pan!!

Mom said...

Sounds like yiou had a fun time! Love the cupcake mold and the sugar/creamer set! Did have one question about the swap...are they to be out by the 7th or should they be received by the 7th? Can't wait to see your favors!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh yes the sugar bowl and creamer are too yummy!

Peta said...

I adore the yellow cake pan and the yellow floral tea towel. Have a bit of a jones on for yellow at the moment!
Looking for stuff today for the swap, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find brown craft stuff!

Monica said...

very cool set!!! I really like it!

Ms. A said...

I am drooling with envy over those cupcake tins!!!

stellarjoolz said...

Yeah, you're finally back! I missed you. I can't wait to hear all about the shower. Love the finds, I especially like the sugar and cream bowl!

Bee said...

Yay, some good bargains there. Love the yellow cake pan, the milk jug & sugar set is very cool.


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