Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Swappin' We Will Go!

Maybe it's time to try to organize a craft supplies swap. I think it will be good for all of us. (Okay, it will be especially good for me since I will send a little something to each participant and thus de-stash much faster than the rest of you. Ah ha!)

Anyway, I've never done this so please help me if I start screwing it up. My thoughts are that anyone who would like to swap (meaning they want to send supplies and receive some in return) please send me your info and tell me what kind of crafts you are into or even better, that you are looking to get into. I will do my best to match everyone up with a buddy. It should be easy considering how AMAZING we all are. :)

If you would like to receive some supplies yet have not much to trade (for people like Dita who just made room for a crafting area) please also send me your info. I'll send you something! :) (Anyone who feels like sending and not receiving can do this as well, e-mail me.)

Does that sound good? Now go tell your friends and neighbors! We should probably put a date on this thing and I'll hope you will be patient with me as I have two weekends of big fun coming up that may keep me from the post office. So how about we gather and mail out by October 11th That's 3 weeks, is that enough time? Too much time? Should we make it an even month? Can you tell I'm making this up as I go along?? HELP ME ;)

Onto crafty endeavors. Way back when Mom snagged me a ton of craft books at the thrift. My favorite is Jo Verso's Complete Cross Stitch Course. I like a lot of the projects and over the weekend made the lavender sachet:

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I faked this. I did not use the recommended thread colors (I was being impatient) and the lavender flowers were supposed to be French knots (a combination of impatience and the fact that I kept pricking my finger). Regardless, I like it. My lavender is not that strong smelling (I've had it for awhile) and my shoddy hand sewing is pretty much hidden behind the lace ruffle so that is okay, too. The back is purple flannel. I'm planning to make a trio of these to give my boss for Christmas. She seems to dig hand made gifts.

It's so nice to actually finish something. :)

xoxoxo bellas!


Anonymous said...

Well, as Becky said, I don't really have much to swap (sounds like my stash is much smaller than everyone else's).However I am more than happy to with everyone else's de-stashing. I am always on the look out for yarn, fabric, BUTTONS, beads, trims, etc.



Anonymous said...

Oh the goodies I can pawn off on some one! As I still do not have a sewing machine, I don't have a good corner on the "notions" market (sorry Dita):( But I will gladly weed through my scrap supplies and find the items that I will simply never use. (Sheesh - at the rate I've been scrapping since I PCSd, that would mean all of my supplies!)More than happy to send some stuff!


SweetGeorge said...

Hey you just left me a super nice message on my blog. thanks so much:). You probably dont know this but I love your blog. I've been reading the last couple weeks and I think it's just wonderful:) I would love to participate in a trade! lmk the details!opppsss. i thinking im supposed to email you my preferneces so im off to do that:)

Sarah and Jack said...

Ok, I'm in. (going to try and email you right now before I run out of time again!)

MARYBETH said...

Becky I have lots to swap BUT WHERE DO I SIGN UP???


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