Friday, September 15, 2006

For the Love of Martha and All Things Pumpkin

I'm so glad to know I am not alone in the magazine obsession! Almost all of you left comments on how you too love the glossy covered craft, home and fashion bibles. :) My favorite thing though was that Heidi said she picked up the new October Martha Stewart which prompted me to run right to Barnes & Noble to get it (my subscription must have run out!), caused Nine to send me an e-mail that she read Heidi's comment and was planning to pick it up AND Sarah mentioned that she was planning to run out for one as well! You know what they say about great minds . . . :)

So what's on for the weekend? Big plans? No Plans? I'm somewhere in the middle of that. I'd love to do nothing. Especially since my next few weekends will be packed with activity. However, my house is in desperate need of a Fall cleaning and Vaxgirl sent me an e-mail that there is a Salvation Army near the thrift I frequent so you know I'm already planning to check it out tomorrow morning. I'm so easily led. Here's another example. Cookie from The Thrift Shopper clued me in to a contest being run by Michael's for decorating a foam craft pumkin. Details here. My brain of course started to buzz and now I want to hit the craft store TODAY and get started.

By the way, DITA and NINE, no telling on what my pumpkin will be. ;)

Last time I thrifted I picked up a pair of slippers from the Hotel de Russie in Rome for 99 cents. I forgot to post about them and I promised Luis I'd showcase his feet on the blog so here you go:

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Ah, La Dolce Vita!

Ciao bellas, and have a fantastico weekend!



Anonymous said...

Well my magazine sickness doesn't seem quite so sick now that I know I'm not rowing alone! :) Thanks for the solidarity, sisters! Bex, your pumpkin will be fabulous - my lips are zipped. As for your weekend - might I suggest catching up on your rest? Because soon Dita and 9 are coming to the city!!! Ladies & gentlemen - lock your doors and windows, keep the small children inside. You never know what's going to happen! (And we've got extra fuel with WAM! her entourage!) -Nina P.S. How I YEARN for a pumpkin frappuccino and pumpkin muffin with cream cheese goodness in the center!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin pancakes. I am so ready for Fall.



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